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Shenstone Properties

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janwaddington Tue 21-Jun-16 11:28:03

Could anyone out there please advise if this has happened to you.
I have received a final demand from Shenstone on the 16th May (even though the later was dated 21st April 2016) asking for £12.00 ground rent, I promptly sent the cheque out to them on the 20th May 2016 as the payment needed to be in by the 1st June 2016. Yesterday I received a letter from them asking for the outstanding ground rent and a £70 admin and recovery cost fee, as I knew that I had sent this cheque in plenty of time I couldn't understand why I had received a letter demanding money.
I phoned Shenstone only to be met by a extremely rude and unprofessional woman on the other end of the line, I told her the situation and that I had sent the cheque out, she t hen tells me that they did not receive this payment till the 16th June 2016 so I would have to pay the extra £70.00 cost or they will take action against me and issue a court summons. Can this company do this? I have been reading up on them online and it seems to be the practise that they follow. You cant set up a standing order or direct debit, the only way you can pay is by cheque or postal order!!! Yes this is 2016.
I know its not an enormous amount of money but it is the principle. Any Advise would be appreciated


Collaborate Wed 22-Jun-16 07:22:09

Refuse to pay. They can't enforce it and are trying it on.

gillers55 Fri 28-Oct-16 17:44:14

have been dealing with Shenstone since 2009 and would like to let you know that following the advice from mathematricks above I have finally had success in getting a redemption certificate for my property. It took almost a year but that was because the government department (long title above) was having a long consultation process but its been worth the wait. Shenstone continue their sharp practices but if people knew that by filling in a form to apply for a redemption certificate they can free themselves from this dreadful company maybe they would do it. I was paying £1.25 every 6 months and Shenstone wanted a settlement figure of £850 - that's 340 years worth! After going through the process I got a settlement figure of £43.18 (17 years) and I am free of them. Hurray! Its pretty straightforward, just keep copies of everything and send it all under 'signed' for post.

Marilynsbigsister Sat 29-Oct-16 07:46:39

If all of the above is correct, let them issue a county court claim. (It costs them money - a lot more than £70)

Answer the claim by providing copies of their April letter and get a copy of your cheque from the bank. Complete the form by explaining what happened, exactly as you have here.

The judge will throw it out and they would have lost money.
Bullies like this need to be held to account. If they just keep harassing rather than go to the expense of court. Look at reporting them to the police.

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