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Advice please

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Danfra06 Tue 07-Jun-16 11:28:52

Me and my ex partner have a court order which states my daughter lives with me and spends time with him every other weekend. Basically my current partner got drunk last night (he never drinks) and me and him had a small argument which he blew out of proportion and as a way of hurting me he messaged my ex to say he needs to get full custody of my daughter and I'm psycho and need to be sectioned. This was at 1am. My current partner woke up this morning with no recollection of this and has cried ever since.
I have depression but it's controlled and has been for over a year.
My ex has said he has been in touch with ss and cafcass and they have told him to go for full custody.
Would they do something like that over a drunken message. My daughter is exceeding herself in everything. She is 2and a half. She has always lived with me. She's only had a relationship with her dad for 9 months. I have never done any harm towards my daughter she is a very happy child.

Just need any advice on what social services would say and do. And what chance it has of going to court for full custody and if it would be given. I'm so scared. I've done nothing wrong and all this over a small argument and a lie

OddSocksHighHeels Tue 07-Jun-16 17:22:34

The chance of him getting residence is extremely slim - how is your relationship generally with your ex? Is he rational and reasonable enough for you to talk this through with rather than going through with court, SS and CAFCASS involved?

If they do get involved then co-operate with them fully, get your GP (and anybody else involved) to back up that you have MH issues but that they're under control and you're engaging with services.

I would also, personally, have a serious think about your current relationship, what he did was awful.

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