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Cafcass first interview

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number1daddy Tue 24-May-16 00:29:38

Hi tomorrow I have cafcass first interview. I have had residency for last five years. Ex has indirect contact order clearly stating what she needs to alter the order. The c100 though only says apparently I stopped contact and won't let her see our son. Trying to mask the fact that there are previous orders in place.

What are CAFCAS likely to ask as it's self evident the risks to my son on orders and what my ex needs to do as well. Do I just make sure cafcass have all that info or what.

I don't see any reason for them asking about direct contact for instance as the previous court order is in force and won't change unless evidence is presented and the c100 mentions nothing

MrsBertBibby Tue 24-May-16 12:30:30

Make sure they have the previous case number and a copy of the last order.

Chances are they will already have pulled it up on the system, but just in case.

Copies of previous reports are handy, though they should be on their system too.

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