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Can I divorce him?

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lavent Sat 14-May-16 11:57:41

I would like to file for divorce.

I was married abroad in a civil ceremony about 10 years ago. I walked out on my husband in early 2015 after several years of DV.
He remains abroad and it's difficult to contact him.

I am not in possession of the marriage certificate as I left in a hurry but I have requested a copy from the high commission in London.

How can I divorce this man when he is hard to contact / not compliant though doesn't object to the divorce as such?!

There are no assets and I have the children.

MrsBertBibby Sat 14-May-16 12:53:09

How long have you been back in the UK?

lavent Sat 14-May-16 13:08:57

Since early 2015 so about 16 months.

babybarrister Sat 14-May-16 14:29:33

under Brussels II Revised Article 3 you are entitled to petition for divorce in England and Wales if you have been habitually resident here for 12 months

there are methods of finding other ways to serve a person such as email, facebook etc

go and take some basic advice - have a look at the Resolution website

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