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yasmingillies Sat 26-Dec-15 10:21:47

My 2 year old has not been returned to me yesterday despite an agreement (not a court order) My ex is threatening that if I do not agree outside of solicitors to 50-50 custody I will not see my little girl again. What can I do? Can anyone help me?

Police will not itervene as there is no order in place.

Fourormore Sat 26-Dec-15 12:01:31

Emergency court application on Tuesday morning - form C100, you will be exempt from mediation as it's an emergency. The police would be unlikely to intervene if you did have a court order as its not a criminal matter.

I would tell your ex that if he does not return your daughter immediately that you will apply to court, pointing out that if he were to apply for 50/50 through the proper channels, this kind of behaviour will count against him.

CandlesAreBurning Sat 26-Dec-15 18:55:17

Did he say this to you in a text/email? If so keep everything as proof. No other advice, good luck

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