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seminars on 'asset retention'

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Frostycake Sun 20-Dec-15 12:14:22

Has anyone been to one or know of anyone who's been to one?

There's one near me next week being given by a non-practicing solicitor on how to 'keep your assets from the tax man/government/ex-partners' etc..but it lasts for nearly two hours with only a five minute break and I'm not sure my bladder will hold out.

Is this essentially about setting up a trust? If so, why don't they just say that?

mumblechum1 Sun 20-Dec-15 12:55:44

We get those invites thru the door all the time. I never go because I own my own will writing/estate planning practice grin

They're probably going to try to flog you a Family Protection Trust or other lifetime trust which will cost around £3k to set up. they are good value if you have a decent estate (£2m plus)/possible issues around who should inherit (eg if a beneficiary is disabled), and also for minimising care home fees.

They'll probably also talk about IHT and how best to minimise it.

I'm sure your bladder can hang on for an hour fgrin, and you may save yourself a few tens of thousands if you go for certain lifetime trusts/will trusts.

Frostycake Mon 15-Feb-16 01:30:19

Thanks Mumble - thought as much. skipped it

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