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5 year old house drain issues.

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monkeysox Mon 22-Jun-15 20:52:20

Bought 5 year old house last year. Now have drain problems . Think sewage leaks and wrong type and size of pipes used, manholes missing etc. Would there be any recourse to the original builder?

Collaborate Mon 22-Jun-15 22:04:39

Check your NHBC certificate.

monkeysox Mon 22-Jun-15 22:12:24

Do all new builds have these?

Collaborate Mon 22-Jun-15 23:16:06

They should do - at least if it's a reputable builder.

I think after a couple of years it only deals with major faults, and NHBC are always trying to get out of having to sort something out, but the benefit of the certificate passes to a buyer, and they last 10 years.

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