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False Allegations Child Abuse

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Cemma28 Tue 12-Aug-14 12:13:53

Apologies for the long thread but I need some advice.
On Thursday, my three year old awoke with a red mark across his left cheek, almost like burst blood vessels.
I already had an appointment with the GP regarding my concerns over his behaviour so at the beginning of this appointment, I asked the GP to take a look. As there is a history of childhood cancer, I was terrified it was something like this. The GP did not know what it was and asked another GP to come in for a second opinion. This GP stated he was certain it was not a hand mark and advised the first GP to organise blood tests.
We went to the hospital for the blood tests and before we knew it, the social services and police were called as the mark on my son's face was an unexplained injury: the doctor at the hospital had put. It down as non accidental.
We were told by the police and social services that both our boys were being held in hospital, my daughter was at my parents at the time and she was to stay there. If we were to try to take the boys from the hospital, we risked being arrested.
After three days of tests, social services have allowed me to take the boys to my parents, and I must not be unsupervised with my children at any time. My partner is only allowed over on social services say so. One of our sons is three months old, so this is a killer for him as he is missing out on so much.
Neither myself nor my partner have ever smacked our children: the professionals are alleging that one of us have.
My son who had the injury is being assessed for behavioural difficulties, and I am terrified that he injured himself at some point.
The social services are still doing checks, they need to hear from the health visitor, GP, nursery etc. the bloods all came back as normal, as did all his x rays and scans.
the police were supposed to have interviewed my partner and I yesterday, but we have heard nothing, nor has our social worker.
I am in a complete limbo, and my partner and I are both devastated. We know we are completely innocent. I will be consulting a solicitor today as our family is broken up and I naturally want my children to be allowed to live with us both in our home.
My partner and I have never had any previous social services or police involvement, nothing like that.
Has anyone eve been in this sort of situation before and what happened? I am below devastated, as is my partner. We are praying that the Social services believe us sad
Thanks in advance

babybarrister Tue 12-Aug-14 17:10:37

You need a very good solicitor specialising in care proceedings which are also known as public law proceedings. Look for someone on the law society children panel.

If you PM me telling me more or less where you are I will see if I can suggest someone

Cemma28 Tue 12-Aug-14 17:23:52

Will do

Chiana Wed 13-Aug-14 03:59:49

Best of luck, Cemma.

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