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CSA - I need to get to tribunal!! Pls help!

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timefliesby Mon 27-Jan-14 14:03:05

Can anyone advise what I am supposed to do when my variation decision is on hold because they are waiting on information from my ex? I have been told I need to be at tribunal because that is an extra layer of legal power kicks in. But to get to tribunal, I apparently have to appeal the variation decision. But they haven't made a variation decision because they can't get hold of the information they are waiting on from my ex i.e. company accounts, self assessment tax returns, etc.
My ex is never going to provide this info, he just ignores everything that they send him!! I've given them accountants details, bank statements, all sorts of things. I've just been waiting around now for six months with no progress. Surely if they don't get that information, they can move forward another way?
I started this thread over here but it's gone quiet...

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