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Parking charge and protection from freedoms act 2012

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IneedAsockamnesty Sat 23-Mar-13 22:25:19

On that site it says they are no more enforceable than they were before but they can now try and enforce against the keeper as opposed to just the driver.

PaddingtonBearsDuffleCoat Sat 23-Mar-13 16:05:06

It looks like the law regarding parking on private land has changed with the introduction of this new legislation. Now the keeper of a vehicle which incurs a parking fee can be held liable by the landowner whereas before it was only the driver at the time. I have put a link to a website which gives more information. The law is so recent that there is little to go on to see how it works in practise. Hope this helps.

IneedAsockamnesty Sat 23-Mar-13 11:50:32

The charge has not been issued by a Local authority or the police.

I thought that if a charge was issued by anyone other than the police or LA it was unenforcable and could just be ignored as there is nothing really anyone can do about it.

I've had a letter today asking me to provide details of a driver and it has the above named act sprinkled throughout the letter.

I do not wish to provide the driver details as since the day of the apparent offence the driver has become very ill (dying) and I do not wish to add to there differculties.

The letter says the offence happened in a NHS car park, so is it enforceable or not?

If it is to avoid problem for the driver or family I will just pay it myself but if not I can either ignore it or try and deal with it.

I've read the act myself and it looks like its only relivant if issued by a public body such as a LA but obviously I'm not legally qualified so figured I would ask if any of you knew as I know the unenforcable ones try to make letters look and sound as enforceable and official as they can.

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