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Share of freehold question

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Dededum Fri 22-Mar-13 17:16:07

A land registry search will indicate the title numbers of both the leaseholds and the freehold. If you get copy entries of your leasehol, it should refer to the freehold. The freehold should have been registered with the land registry.

Then you obtain a copy of the freehold and yours and the other flat owners name should be on the freehold or maybe a management company, in which you and the other leaseholder should have shares. You can get the records of the management company from companies house, then you transfer your share at the same time as your leasehold.

CEvert Fri 22-Mar-13 15:34:02

I live in a converted house of 2 flats.
We all bought the freehold from the freeholder a few yrs ago.
I left the other flat to deal with the purchase as I was away from the country a lot.... I simply paid the cost at the end.
I do not have any papers relating to it.

Now I am selling the flat, the other flat owner and his solicitor no longer have the papers.
So where can I obtain information about our share of freehold?

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