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WARWICKSHIRE/MIDLANDS Can anyone recomend me a solicitor that takes legal aid?

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Wetthemogwai Mon 10-Dec-12 20:46:45

That's great, thankyou mumble. I've emailed a few today and awaiting some replies so fingers crossed I'll be lucky with waiting lists!

mumblechum1 Mon 10-Dec-12 18:43:47

Probably the first port of call is the Resolution website where you can find local family specialists, and work out from there who does PF.

Unfortunately, most firms don't do public funding any longer as they barely break even, and those that do often use newly qualified people as they're cheaper. That in itself doesn't mean they're no good, in some ways they're great because they aren't yet jaded, but they won't be hugely experienced.

Do you know that Public Funding is going to be withdrawn from April next year, with a few exceptions? You'd better get your skates on, as PF lawyers tend to have enormous waiting lists.

Wetthemogwai Mon 10-Dec-12 10:22:04

I need to sort out contact for dd with ex p, I'm making the first move and have no idea where to start!

I have no money at all at the moment (recently moved 100 miles back to my parents so no job as yet) so I am entitled to legal aid.

Does anyone know of a good one?


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