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Accommodation and Disability - Any advice appreciated

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CajaDeLaMemoria Wed 03-Oct-12 13:15:29

I've got myself into a bit of a mess...

I moved into university accommodation two weeks ago. I thought I'd need it because I've relocated from three hours away, so I made them aware of my conditions and was given a room close to disabled parking and on the ground floor.

There has been numerous problems. The room is always too cold, although it measures 24 degrees - it flares my condition badly to feel so cold. This was sorted by a man who took the radiator apart and turned it up, but it appears that someone has turned it down again. No doubt they will fix this at some point.

My carer has moved up with me, and lives 10 minutes away from uni. I didn't know this when I applied for uni housing, or I wouldn't have done.

I had a meeting with the support team yesterday and we went through a report from social services stating I need help to cook, clean, take medications, look after myself etc - and that they would send carers twice a day to help me. Obviously they won't send them to uni accommodation. I have a habit of making out I'm more capable than I am, so I told the advisor it would be fine and I'd cope. I think he saw through it, because he suggested I ask accommodation to leave now and move home.

I spent last night at home too. I've only spent one night in the accommodation since I got it two weeks ago. My aids are here, and I need the help that is here.

Accommodation responded this morning basically saying no. They stated that I can leave in January if I give notice now, but will need to pay until then because there are empty rooms so my room won't be refilled. I don't know how much they know about the above. I emailed the disability man but he said I could "have a go" at changing their minds if I wanted.

I'm scared I'll be forced to drop out due to this. If I commute, I'll need to insure myself on the car again, and put it through it's MOT etc. I'll also need to renew my license and have a new medical. I can't afford the accommodation and to sort my car. My carer has a car so they can help for a while, until I'm sorted - I can't drive their car as mine is specially adapted.

I've emailed the nurse, who granted me a disabled badge for campus and said she was concerned my "high level needs" weren't being met, but she's out of office for the rest of the week.

I haven't emailed accommodation yet. Does anyone know where I stand, or what to say? I'm so lost and confused, and my care up here isn't sorted yet so I have no one to turn too.

gingeroots Wed 03-Oct-12 13:49:42

Am in a rush and on my way out so have only skim read your post .

Wonder if you might get some advice by posting on the Further Education section on MN .

There was a longish thread on ,different I know ,subject ,but might contain some hints ..

If I have time will post later .

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