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Don't know what to do .....

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Slateheart Wed 26-Sep-12 22:47:31

Hi, i wonder if anyone could advise. It would seem we have become victims of probably someone who doesn't like us ......

We have this summer had various catalogues coming through the door, it may be a co incidence but it is for certain types of products, that we most definatly would not want, and after the first 5/6 I realised it wasn't a one off, there was a connection.

Today,( that made me wake up, and realise something should be done) goods from a catalogue, that we most definatly didn't order arrived.

An account has been set up with both, I have rang both and both compAnies have agreed for items to be returned (postage paid) and accounts closed with immediate effect. Both have agreed cases of identity fraud and put a stop on the accounts.

We have to ring them, again tomorrow and confirm further details, as the one is in my name, the other in my husbands.

I am this evening hacked off! It's evident someone is out to cause an inconvenience to our life, but it's all being done anonymously!

I dont know where to go from here? There is little can be done isn't there?

solidgoldbrass Wed 26-Sep-12 22:49:33

Have you any idea as to who the person is who is doing this?

Slateheart Wed 26-Sep-12 22:52:18


solidgoldbrass Wed 26-Sep-12 23:43:31

I would suggest having a word with the police (ring the non-urgent number tomorrow) and letting them know what has happened. There may be something they can do or at least some advice they can offer.

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