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Visa card debited without my knowledge&consent- contract advice please

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Katastrofee Tue 04-Oct-11 09:52:26

Cross post in money
Could you advise what the legal argument to get my money back is?

I called my bank?s card fraud service and they will try to get a refund, but they don't promise as it depends on what can be proven on paper.

I am worried that they will take my email that "I will take it? as a binding confirmation. But I didn't put any dates, prices or card details in this email. It was meant as a request for availability. I written it in the context to keep the apartment open for me to go online and book it, if I choose.

In my lifetime experience, a purchase happens when money change hands. I didn't give Provacances money in the email. When I try a dress at M&S, they don't run after me forcing to pay because I said I liked it.

In my interpretation they left me with a counter-offer and an invitation to book online. So I was free to book or not to book. They certainly didn't communicate that they were considering our exchanges as binding.

Could anyone help me to demonstrate why my email and phone calls were not binding contracts, iyswim?
Electronic Commerce Regulations?
Any contract lawyers?

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