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very worried

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pat1066 Thu 29-Sep-11 22:54:24

my son was arrested at footbal in brighton tuesday for swearing whilst quiing after getting off of the train!!!! he is 19 and never ever been introuble before. the officer pulled him to the ground, put his knee on him and swore at him to keep still when my son asked to if he could get his dad. i am concerned that they have not actually charged him with anything yet and say he has to go back in a few weeks. what does this mean and what is the worst that can happen. he was in acell for several hours before being interviewed.

mancinleics Fri 30-Sep-11 00:17:41

I'd suggest that you see if any local solicitors will offer a free consultation. It might be that they are aware of particular police tactics on match days and can apply a little pressure to get the matter resolved quickly in a relatively short time. They will charge you for any time after the consultation.

Alternatively if your family qualify there might be help via the Community Legal Advice service, google it find your local office.

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