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Letter for a debt which is not mine, ID fraud?

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MrsOnTheMove Thu 14-Jul-11 12:20:54

I've received a letter this morning from a DCA regarding £150+ that I apparently owe Ebay. I haven't used Ebay for over two years (only ever rarely) I phoned the company and said it was an error - they said my date of birth was different and the email address it relates to, but as it is my name and address = my debt hmm

So I call Ebay... who say they will make a note of it and "Thank you for coming back to ebay" waste of time not sure how successful that was, they also confirmed it related to different email account, the account is apparently suspended. I've managed to log on my account when --I remembered password and nothing on there, as there is obviously someone with an account using my name and address.

So I call the DCA ... update them - it's still my debt apparently, "but maybe you should call the police and get a crime number for ID fraud"

So I call the police... "it's nothing for me to worry about, no crime has been committed against me so no crime number, but if they send another letter tell them you'll report them to the police for harrassment"

Call DCA back ... "phone us back in 7 days and you can pay it then if Ebay hasn't sorted it out"

It's not going to be sorted is it? confused

fluffyanimal Thu 14-Jul-11 12:23:34

Sounds like you are being pushed from pillar to post. Get down to your local CAB with this one.

Collaborate Thu 14-Jul-11 12:28:29

Don't bother the CAB over this. Just send emails to the DCA telling htem it's not your debt, and it doesn't relate to your account. They'll pass the file back to eBay. If they don't and they issue court proceedings against you enjoy your day off work in court and make sure you get your costs back for attending. It'll never get that far though.

Check your credit rating. Though it's unlikely there's a slight chance it might find its way on there, in which case you'll have to get it removed.

MrsOnTheMove Thu 14-Jul-11 12:43:02

Can't find an email address, so will write a letter to them. Don't think it will stop them though!

fluffyanimal Thu 14-Jul-11 12:46:31

Actually CAB can be really great for telling DCAs to fuck off reassess whether they have the right person. A nice CAB lady put the fear of god into a DCA who were mistakenly on to my poor grey-haired old mother.

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