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CCTV - how do I find out

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ascouser Wed 05-Jan-11 00:52:42

Will try to make this brief but basically want to know who I would contact with regard to a business next to my property who has their CCTV cameras pointing towards my house.
Have tried this about two years ago with same issue. Police said council, Council said not our issue, try Police !!! WTF!
Now, the sensible response would be 'why don't you go talk to the business and discuss the issue and come to some arrangement' I know, and would do that normally. However, the business is owned by my brother and we don't talk and there is a lot of bad blood and history.
I've seen him today altering the camera and checking the range on his phone, which means that if any of the cameras can pick up my house or driveway then he can watch my comings and goings anywhere and anytime he wants.

So, can anyone help? Who can I revert to about this.
Really appreciate any assistance.

Resolution Wed 05-Jan-11 09:34:27

Look at this link: ction/detailed_specialist_guides/ico_cctvfinal_230 1.pdf

This is the Information Commissioner's website, and they are responsible for regulating this sector. I think they need a license to have cctv. Look in particular at para 6 on p9. They can't have it pointing at a private residence.

bethelbeth Wed 05-Jan-11 21:21:11

I would go and move it so that it isn't facing your house and then if your brother comes to ask you about it say that he was contravening the law by having it pointing at your property and you were within your rights.

Keeps things simple and means he can do the running!

ascouser Thu 06-Jan-11 00:01:00

Thanks Resolution will take a look.

Bethelbeth. I would do but the camera is behind gates and at the top of the building so that I'd need a ladder. He's a very scary bloke and I wouldn't want to be caught on his property up a ladder.

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