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Making a will online

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HighFibreDiet Fri 19-Nov-10 13:16:54

Has anyone done it? I want to make sure we have a will before we emigrate to Sydney, although I know that we will probably have to do an Australian one too when we are out there.

I see Mumsnetters get a discount with Which? at the moment but there was a different online will-writing service advertised a month or so ago and I can't recall the company - if anyone remembers please let me know. Thanks.

123honey Fri 19-Nov-10 13:21:28

tbh you really should get some professional advice.

There's a mumsnetter on here, Mumblechum, who's a professional will writer and did our wills. She was really good, everything was done by email and phone, quickly and not expensive.

CarGirl Fri 19-Nov-10 13:22:38

I second Mumblechum, was very inexpensive in comparison to elsewhere, gave very good advice explained thoroughly our options etc

JustDoMyLippyThenWeWillGo Fri 19-Nov-10 13:23:10

Don't do it - go to a lawyer. Think November may be Will Aid month too?

JustDoMyLippyThenWeWillGo Fri 19-Nov-10 13:23:54

I meant don't do it online, by the way, not don't ask mumblechum, just to be clear!!

mumblechum Fri 19-Nov-10 13:25:22


Thanks for recommendations.

I'm a practicing lawyer with over 20 yrs experience. For standard couple's wills I charge £130-140 freelance, no VAT is payable.(in my day job as a HIgh Street lawyer I charge £240 plus vat)

If you'd like to get in touch for more info, my email address is

CarGirl Fri 19-Nov-10 13:27:07

smile, my executors have decided to move house would you adam and eve it but into temporary accommodation........I'd better not need them until they've got a permanent address again!

mumblechum Fri 19-Nov-10 13:27:21

By the way, you'll only need to do another will in Australia if you buy a house there. Under an English will, and assume that you remain domiciled in England and Wales, all assets (bank accounts etc) everywhere in the world will be covered with the exception of bricks and mortar in another country.

HighFibreDiet Fri 19-Nov-10 13:48:22

Thanks so much for the advice, mumblechum. I thought we would have to do a new will pretty soon after we went out so it's good to know it's just based on where we are domiciled.

I was surprised to get so many responses so quickly! It's obviously a subject that mumsnetters feel strongly about (or maybe lots of you are browsing mn on your lunch breaks ;))

onfriday Fri 26-Nov-10 10:21:17

mumblechum can you recommend anyone who does the same service for Scotland?

mumblechum Fri 26-Nov-10 11:36:44

I can't recommend a specific firm as I don't know any, but there is a branch of the Society of Will Writers, the Scottish S.W.W. in Edinburgh.

If you google "Scottish Society of Will Writers", it'll give guidance on choosing someone in Scotland.

onfriday Fri 26-Nov-10 18:34:01

Thanks I'll give that a go.

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