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DD's job and pay

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Tanga Thu 18-Nov-10 11:47:20

DD has been 'let go' from her part time job after about 5 weeks. They've told her she doesn't have enough experience. She's upset but it's one the lessons of life etc.

I'm just a bit concerned that they haven't paid her for all the hours she's worked in that time - her wages went straight into her bank account - and she hasn't had a pay slip. Is she entitled to one? And how much detail does it have to have on it? She was also told that tips would be divided between the staff - should that show on her payslip? Is there anything she can do to get the money she's owed?

prh47bridge Thu 18-Nov-10 17:44:01

Assuming she was an employee (i.e. not a freelancer or similar), she is entitled to a payslip. That must show gross wages, any fixed deductions (e.g. trade union subscriptions), any variable deductions (tax, NI, etc.) and the total wages after deductions. If there is any part payment of wages (e.g. some in cash, some into her bank account) it should show that as well.

Assuming your daughter knows her pay rate and hours worked, it should be possible to work out whether the gross pay includes anything for tips.

If she is owed any money she can make a claim in the small claims court. However, proving how much she is owed in tips (if anything) will not be easy.

Tanga Thu 18-Nov-10 20:33:29

Thank you so much, very helpful. DD's going to ask for her payslip when she returns her uniform so we'll see if they hand it over. She has found out that they have also got rid of another waitress who has been there much longer so seems it may be a financial issue, so I dare say the tips are long gone!

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