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Dishwashers....commercial ones????????

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RiaParkinson Sun 11-Jan-09 20:29:02

ours is on 2, 3, 4 times a day

am considering an industrial one this a viable prospect

anyone got one/looked at one?


RiaParkinson Sun 11-Jan-09 20:40:41

hmmm they do exist at freakish prices but 2 minute cycles WOW

ibblewob Wed 14-Jan-09 00:50:59

I know one mum with 7 kids and two dishwashers which works quite well - another possibility maybe?

Madmentalbint Thu 15-Jan-09 07:30:05

Is there an issue with water pressure running two dishwashers?

Ours is on all the time and having two would be great because it would hopefully mean the worktops wouldn't be cluttered up with washing up all the time!

I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE another washing machine and tumble drier too, or those giant american washing machings and tumble driers would be fantastic. We used them on holiday and the wash cycle was only about 15 minutes!

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