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Foreign (beach) holiday for 6 of us in October?

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TheOriginalXENA Wed 25-Jun-08 16:21:06

I actually think given the DC's ages we need to do a resort family orientated holiday this year.
I know they are out there but I can't find any hotels/ self catering places that don't mean DH and I have to have seperate rooms with two children each.
Any suggestions?

orangina Wed 25-Jun-08 16:56:31

We went on a holiday to the hyatt regency in Taba (Egypt, Red Sea) a few years ago, and I know they did something called a family suite, which was like a 2 bed apartment.... don't know if that would help?

TheOriginalXENA Wed 25-Jun-08 17:48:22

they don't do them anymore sad thanks thou

misscutandstick Thu 26-Jun-08 07:57:14

i have had same probs - as i imagine most of us have!

the nearest i got (not abroad - couldnt face the travelling with ADHD 15y/0, 10, 9, 3 and {poss ASD} 2y/o!) was a 'hostel' which can cater up to 16 people at a time... hostel sounds horrid, but the photos looked OK, lots of bunkbeds as i remember!!! think it was in london.

SOrry, that wasnt much help was it?

In france we hired an old farmhouse - it was massive and had 3 gardens.

misscutandstick Thu 26-Jun-08 07:57:47

forgot to ask... how old are DC's?

TheOriginalXENA Thu 26-Jun-08 17:29:15

Hi they are 10,6,4 (next week) &2.
Did other people share the hostel room with you?

misscutandstick Thu 26-Jun-08 18:05:05

no - they are private (ish), you share a bathroom. Very reasonable prices too.

MindingMum Sun 13-Jul-08 01:00:58

We have the same problem. Everywhere we tried to book insisted we needed two apartments/rooms/villas (for health and safety reasons, and that would mean DH and two children in one and me and 3 in the other.

For the last three hols we have booked 2 apartments or rooms and then taken a double airbed in our suitcases. Youngest children sleep on that and the rest of us in beds meaning we can all stay together. The second apartment is handy for storing suitcases, dirty clothes etc and to have a second bathroom.

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