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Baby choking while breasfeeding . Please help me

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Ester1992 Sat 13-Apr-19 02:24:49

The doctor could not said nothing . He said you must to make a video when these things happens , and he can clearly see the problem... baby still looks fine with all the signs ... but the doctor its not saying nothing about why did this happened to my baby girl .

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Wineismyfav9 Sat 13-Apr-19 00:47:02

@Ester1992 Hiya. Didn't want to read and run. I haven't got much advice as I've never experienced that BUT doctors will or should do tests to figure out why ur baby went like that. Sorry u went through this it must be scary for you and your partner. I'm glad she's okay now! It could of been anything. Hopefully someone in here has a bit more advice to offer maybe.

Ester1992 Sat 13-Apr-19 00:40:38

Hello mammas ! Im a new mommy! 10
Weeks baby girl
I was breastfeeding the baby and in one moment
She was choking . I just took her in the position
To try and burp her , and placing my hand in her back. But i realise that she was like frozen . Her head was in left side she could not
Move her head . And her right eye was going up like cross eyes ... the eye was going like that for 1 minute and then going normal . Than again happening that thing ... her eye going up and half closing , omg i crying like crazy. I called the ambulance . Now we are with doctor . Baby looks happy , her had is fine now , even her eye is fine .
They say that we dont know why this happened because every Baby is different

Baby looks happy .. we are keeping her tonight in hospital just to make sure .

Please mommas tell me , has this thing happened to your baby ????
Doctor wont say me anything way did this happened !
Why she had the eye like crossed and going up
Her eye was like she was going blind ... she was like frozen ... staying in the left side and could not move her head to the right side ... im really worry ... please tell me if you seen this thing , or have hear about it .. ( sorry for my english )

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