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Three under 4

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Ginlinessisnexttogodliness Sat 15-Apr-17 14:51:40

So....... a happy surprise in that I'm expecting our third baby.
I have a almost 14 month old and 3 year old. Baby all being well due at v end of October / first week November. Will not go past 39 weeks due to age. Old knacker that I am

I'm panicking at the logistics and the fact I'm not anywhere near a well oiled machine with the two we've got already.

Can you lovely people please assuage my fears and give me some top tips from bringing them home, transport, play times, naps, activities, well anything really.


lorisparkle Sat 15-Apr-17 15:02:15

I had a nearly 4 year old, just 2 year old and a new born. I have to say it was my favourite time. Two of them would entertain each other whilst I looked after the third. I had a sling to get through the day, and a bouncy chair which ds3 spent a lot of time watching the other two. I had maternity leave so could enjoy them all and settle ds1 into school. We had a Phil and ted which ds3 loved sleeping in and ds 1 and 2 took turns in. Ds3 slept a lot in the day but not so much at night but that suited me. We have a ford galaxy which I love. Ds 3 just did everything we did. I had a back pack carrier when he was older so we could go to castles etc without a pushchair. Lovely times!!!!!!

yankeecandlelovers Sat 15-Apr-17 16:04:36

Get an au pair and make sure you specify she does all kids laundry and makes meals etc and set childcare with older 2 e.g. Certain playgroups.
For £100-110 per week will make your life bearable
It's exhausting having 3 little ones , being realistic makes it much much better

And I was 28 with 3 under 4 and energetic to begin with. Lol

Shamoffour Sat 15-Apr-17 22:57:51

I had a 10 year old, a just 4 year old, a 13 months old and a newborn. It was hard but I lowered my standards and accepted any help that was offered!
Get any help you can, even if it's just a cleaner for the first few months. Batch cook stuff for the kids. If people offer to help/take the older ones out let them. Do not try and be supermum!

thegoatwhogotthequiche Tue 18-Apr-17 21:11:32

I did it (as an old gimmer also), it's all a bit of a blur now. Things that stand out as making is work are Ocardo (they never let me down), a good double buggy that you can push one handed, a good sling and good stroller combo for when you need to take up less space, a regular hair cut, national trust membership or similar to escape to (they nearly always have car parks, loos, baby change and a cafe as well as being fenced in and safe).

As said up thread, accept all helpful help offered and lower your standards, at least for a while...on some days 'all fed and none dead' will be your achievement for the day!

littleoldladywho Tue 18-Apr-17 21:21:33

You'll get through it. No point planning anything at all - just roll with it. 😬
Our third suffered brain damage due to hypoxia during the birth, so it was all a bit more tricksy as we were fitting in hospitals and rafts of appointments dealing with that. You just get on with it. Just sort out bathing any two together that seems sensible while the third can be occupied (either by a second pair of hands, or a tv, or asleep). And get a decent calendar on the wall where everyone can see it so you don't forget costume day at nursery or whatever.

The only thing I will say is that holidays are a pain in the arse once they get any bigger than toddlers as you can't fit everyone in one room.

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