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Pregnant with no.3 and scared

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Yorkshirewifeandmummy Sat 27-Dec-14 16:51:15

Hi, just looking for a bit of support and reassurance. Ds1 will be 3 in a week, ds2 is 8 months. I've just found out I'm pregnant again.

Both dc's took a long time to conceive. Dh and I wanted another, but just surprised at how quickly it's happened.

I'm due back at work in March when my mat leave finishes. I'll only be back 5 or 6 months before having to leave again.

I'm worried about money, needing a bigger car, how I'll manage to divide my time equally between 3... the list is endless.

Would be greatful for any advice, stories, or anything at all really. Even if it's just to let me know what I'm really in for lol xx

afreshstartplease Sun 28-Dec-14 07:46:05

I have three aged 6, 5 and 20 months

Three was the one that really made the difference. Going from one to two I found easy. I don't drive so can't advise car wise.

16 months between my eldest two so similar gap as you will have with youngest. They can play lovely together, can also fight like cat and dog. I didn't find having two so small too tricky but I didn't also have an older child to contend with

Time wise, my older two will entertain theirselves and each other a lot which is good as dc3 can be demanding!

It has taken its tol on my housework, and also my washing machine

Bowlersarm Sun 28-Dec-14 08:08:25

If you both knew you wanted three anyway, I'd look at the positives of the smaller gap you find yourselves with. Children are closer in age and will be into similar toys, films etc. You can all move forward as a family without having a much younger baby in tow all the time. You get maternity leave out of the way earlier then can crack on with your job etc.

I have three who are now teens, and it's great. Hard work when they are little but it gets easier.


Yorkshirewifeandmummy Sun 28-Dec-14 10:16:35

Thank you both for your comments x Bowlers, I hadn't thought of it like that re work. I guess it would be better to have my little ones first then career, rather than have to break off again later.

Afreshstart, lol re the housework and washing machine. That's something else I thought, but I guess it would be the same no matter when I had three.

Thank u both xx

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