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practicalities of 3rd DC ....

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u2rmysunshine Tue 18-Jun-13 13:20:48

HI! I have 2 Dss aged 4 and 1. They are more than lovely and it's hard work but since DS2 has been about 9 months, I have permanently been thinking about another DC and it seems the older they get the more I feel I could handle it. I am just wondering what it's practically like having a third? I think I would only aim for a 2.5 year age gap this time. What is it like when they are all young? Is there anything that's made much more difficult? Would really value any of your experiences. Thank you smile

chickpea24 Tue 25-Jun-13 16:02:44

Hi, I can't offer any advice as I have two DC but I am watching with interest as we have just decided to try for number 3! Exciting times, but would be good to get a heads up on what we are getting ourselves into!! Currently have 4yo and 1yo

Sleepingbunnies Tue 25-Jun-13 21:59:26

Are you me chickpea?! we have just decided to try for number 3, I have a 2.6 year gap between my 2 girls and am so excited that I will have one last baby!!! grin

chickpea24 Tue 25-Jun-13 22:37:35

2yrs 7months between ours!! Good luck with number 3 sleepingbunnies!! Can't believe my DH went for it actually, I was convinced he only wanted 2.

I wonder if someone will come along and help us out with some advice?

u2rmysunshine Wed 26-Jun-13 21:37:17

Hi chick and sleeping, thanks for posting..... How exciting that you have decided already smile hopefully we will get some replies about what to expect.

badfaketan Thu 11-Jul-13 15:04:20

Just seen no-one replied.So I will.I've got 3,youngest 4m,eldest nearly 4 so starting school in September.
It has been easier having a 3rd than I thought.
From a practical POW,had to buy a bigger car as all are still in car seats.
Already had a double buggy:l360 Nipper.When I take all 3 out 2 younger ones sit it and eldest likes to sit on the front.
Routine hasn't changed,baby just fits in & gets a quick bath with the others.
I'm careful to judge which activities I can safely manage.I mainly stick to playgroups or days out to National Trust where there are no cars and they can run around safely if I get stuck bf the baby.
I manage to take all 3 to supermarket but baby goes in king & 2 yr old in trolley although would rather walk but I can't manage that!
There has been almost no jealousy and I can easily leave them all in one room to nip to the loo etc!
Older 2 go to various nursery/pre-school things some days so I get time to catch up on housework & laundry.
We all eat at 6pm so only do one mealtime ,DH has to heat it up if not home.
Only downside is that I can't give as much attention to each as I would like.
Oh,and just been on holiday abroad(all inclusive package) with them all and enjoyed it.Thought would be a nightmare but was fun.
No regrets,go for it!

ash1971 Sat 13-Jul-13 23:30:04

3 is lovely in terms of having a 'team', but it's hard practically. I can't hold hands with all three, bedtimes are very tricky - they are 9, 6 and 2, swimming with all 3 is tough on my own, etc. It's also expensive;I've discovered this year that any hotel stay will now involve 2 rooms for all 5 of us (even though dd3 is in bed with us still), and zoos etc require a mortgage! Good luck with those baby-magnet-feelings and whatever you choose.

BackforGood Sat 13-Jul-13 23:44:27

My eldest was just turned 5 when dc3 was born - just starting Yr1 and dc2 was not quite 3.
Erm - I found she slotted right in.
Trickiest bits were trying to get ds changed for swimming lessons in a crowded changing room with a baby and a toddler, but can't remember a lot else being a problem. Of course ds was at school when dd2 was born - as yours will be, so it's not like having 3 pre-schoolers all day every day.
Now mine are at exam ages - I hear a lot of parents very stressed because the "typical" 2 yr age gap means they have them doing GCSEs and A Levels at the same time grin. As it happens, mine are all 3 school years apart, due to the way their birthdays fall in the year.
I like the fact that one has generally left a class / moved up a section in out of school activities etc when the next one starts - I think it gives them time to be them-self and not the others sibling, but I had a firend who had 3 in 3 years and she thought it a real advantage that she did half the to-ing and fro-ing as she was always taking at least 2 and sometimes 3 to the same class / Cubs / groups.

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