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Who has the largest family on Larger families?

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slipperandpjsmum Sat 26-Feb-11 14:48:06

There seems to be lots of threes, threes thinking of turning into fours, fours, not so many fours thinking of turning into fives and a few sixes.

Would that be a fair over view??

Just wondered who holds the title of largest families on Larger families? Or is anyone aiming for the title???

Ponders Sat 26-Feb-11 14:52:30

I think juule (?) has 9 (but not completely sure of name or number! grin)

Rilith Sat 26-Feb-11 16:38:42

I do know families of 12 kids. Not sure if they post here though.

I am on a measly no 6 :p

threecurrantbuns Sat 26-Feb-11 21:53:30

Someone has just posted on another thread with 8.

I only have three which i wouldnt really consider a large family but would possibily like a 4th hmm

Which to me now seems a if i would be crosing from an average size to large hmm that why im not sure i can take the jump, 4 would def be it for me take my hat of to families of more.

Insanitybecomesme Sat 26-Feb-11 21:59:12

just the six heregrinso it's not me

juuule Sat 26-Feb-11 22:07:44

I have 9 (well done Ponderswink) but someone has posted on here with 12 (mumtoxii I think).

threecurrantbuns Sat 26-Feb-11 22:09:44

Well someone just said on another thread four is fine if you have a nanny shock maybe ill stick with my small family then!!

There was a lady a while ago with three who was preg with quads would love to know how sheis getting on

Ponders Sat 26-Feb-11 22:10:49

Oh hi, juuule! (I was just short on the u's then smile)

do give us a rundown on what you've got please!

juuule Sat 26-Feb-11 22:18:52

3 boys, 6 girls, ages 7,11,12,14,16,18,19,21,23 (plus 8 m/c for anyone interested)smile
and never had a nannygrin. Cleaner and a cook would have been very welcome though. Didn't have those either grin

threecurrantbuns Sat 26-Feb-11 22:21:16

WOW, you must be amazing i feel tired reading that lol. I would LOVE a cleaner and laundry person and i only have3

PaulaYatesbiggestfan Sat 26-Feb-11 22:26:32

Juule (bows!) I have had just four for the past week (usually 6) and it has been so siiiiilllllleeeenntttt.

A doddle too though i know i should not say it. Juule you must think my six a paltry number wink

juuule Sat 26-Feb-11 22:33:25

No, I don't think your six is a paltry number.
At various stages/number of children I've found it difficult. There were times when I had one that I thought I couldn't cope (he never slept and I worked full-time). We managed and it passed.
There are challenges still. Some days are a delight and others are still difficult. Obviously, for me the balance is in favour of having a larger family.
And I think for most people having 1 less than the total of your children at home feels a bit of a doddlewink.

Ponders Sat 26-Feb-11 22:43:35

juuule, that is so true! - however many you have, when 1 is away wrangling the rest is effortless
(& it doesn't matter which one it is either grin)

PaulaYatesbiggestfan Sat 26-Feb-11 22:45:11

hmmm Ponders not sure about that last comment!!! wink

slipperandpjsmum Sat 26-Feb-11 23:04:58

thecurrantbuns I read that about 4 kids and a nanny - made me

bronze Tue 01-Mar-11 11:22:49

Oh yes when I had 3 and one was at grannys it seemed like bliss. Now I have four when one is away the three seems like a doddle. Why does the dynamic change so drastically?
I admire and envy and... lots of other things people with more than me

threecurrantbuns Tue 01-Mar-11 11:34:23

I only have three and when i only have two i find is so easy and agree doesnt matter which one is out either.

But my friends with just two think its hard.

So now im trying to decide whether to have a fourth as i find 3 hard. Will 3 seem easy if i had a fourth...or am i just talking my self into it grin

bronze Tue 01-Mar-11 11:36:57

You need to have 4 but borrow a 5th for a bit so when you give it back the 4 will seem easy grin

threecurrantbuns Tue 01-Mar-11 13:21:28

grin good plan

GaribaldiGirl Wed 02-Mar-11 08:20:46

i love this thread. at any time i feel overwhelmed by my 5 children i look at it to remind myself there are people with 9 who are still sane!
threecurrants - i thought 3 to 4 was the easiest, mine slipped into our life very easily. going from 2 to 3 was a killer, not sure why.

tots2ten Wed 02-Mar-11 16:13:46

I have 6 dcs, one of them is currently on a residential school trip, and its really quiet here without her. There has been no arguements between the dcs shock

Cant wait for her to come home Friday.

Ponders Wed 02-Mar-11 18:55:27

looking forward to the arguments, tots2ten? wink

tots2ten Wed 02-Mar-11 22:34:43

I am grin I think. Its just so strange everyone is calm. I am missing her badly and so is dd3 who cant wait for dd2 to come home so that she can read her a bed-time story, apparently none of us read them like dd2.

Ponders Wed 02-Mar-11 22:39:35

it changes the whole family dynamic when one isn't there.

not long now till Friday smile

spidookly Wed 02-Mar-11 22:49:04

9 children. Wow, it's an embarrassment of riches. You are so lucky

Did you always know you wanted such a big family, or did you just keep deciding to have one more, juuule?

Sorry for all your losses

It must be so lovely to have so many siblings.

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