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Query re Critical illness payout

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Winging0it0mama Wed 12-Apr-17 22:06:17

I can't find a child critical illness thread for this so thought this was the most appropriate ones out of them to ask to hopefully get a knowledgeable answer.

If you have a joint critical illness policy as parents and a child (who is covered by the policy automatically). And the child suffered a critical illness which is claimable as per the policy wording.

Will the insurers pay out their maximum twice treating it as two claims i.e. Treating it as both parents claiming so each parent gets the £25k, or do they pay out once (therefore £25k for the one child who had one critical illness... ie will the parents get £50k or £25k (when £25k is the max that policy will pay for children)

Sunseed Sat 15-Apr-17 11:05:43

If it is a joint policy there is only one premium being paid, and therefore there would only be one sum assured paid out on claim. You would only claim for each parent if you had single life plans, ie. one each.

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