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Jacky83 Mon 04-May-20 21:28:29

Has anyone on here used an IVF refund programme? Our clinic offers one but they don't have a lot of details on their website.

Are they a good idea or do you pay over the odds for them?

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smith1986 Mon 04-May-20 22:24:40

I ended up paying over the odds but it was so worth it, it took all the stress out of needing to find money for another cycle if the 1st didn't work. Luckily for us it worked 1st time. I don't regret my decision and would definitely do it again. Good Luck!!!

ivfgottostaypositive Tue 05-May-20 09:10:52

We looked in to it but due to history of recurrent miscarriages we didn't meet the criteria - you so pay over the odds especially if you are lucky first time but it does take the stress out of it - I've paid individually for my cycles and the first one is ok but but they second etc you start to stress in case it doesn't work

Also it's not available at every clinic (I think only really Care use it?)

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