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Oliviajane24 Wed 08-Apr-20 20:51:30

Did any of you take Metformin for PCOS and get results with it? If so how quickly did you fall pregnant. I've been on it 3 months and period is due next week so just curious.

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Awittyusernameishardtofind Wed 08-Apr-20 22:31:24

Personally 6 weeks for me but my best friend was on it for a year without any luck. There doesn’t seem to be rhyme or reason to it. Wish you all of the best x

cosmo30 Mon 13-Apr-20 08:39:05

I too started metformin about 4 weeks ago now for pcos. Just had a period and due to be ovulating next weekend I think. First cycle without clomid for 6 months so I'm interested to see what happens!

lol2015 Mon 13-Apr-20 19:15:24

I've just started back up on metformin what dosage is everyone on?

cosmo30 Tue 14-Apr-20 07:27:49

I'm on 500mg twice a day, hoping it helps !

lol2015 Tue 14-Apr-20 07:45:32

I'm only on once a day atm, have you had much benefits from the higher dosage? X

cosmo30 Tue 14-Apr-20 08:18:56

They started me on twice a day, and supposed to be reviewed and increased to three times a day. But can't see a review happening anytime soon ! When did you start them again? Did they help regulate your cycles before?

lol2015 Tue 14-Apr-20 08:45:00

I've been on and off them for a few years, I've always struggled with the side affects while working but thought as I'm home atm I might as well try them again and stick it out.
I was initially put on one a day for the first week then increase to two the second then three the third but I've never got passed the one so I'm tempted to try two this week.

I'm trying to find a diet that works well with them, I've tried slimming world and weight watchers but I just put more weight on I'm now on a calorie counting and trying out different food ideas, ideally I think I need to lower my carb in take aswell

When I was taking them a few years ago I was also given provera as my periods are really irregular I think they helped and I was regular for a few months and got pregnant unfortunately I lost the baby at 9 weeks and have had nothing since.

Sorry for the long post grin

cosmo30 Tue 14-Apr-20 08:59:56

Yeah I've had a really bad tummy off them, not nice lol and Don't blame you, might aswell try while you're home!

I've lost a lot of weight from my tummy, as that's where I seem to carry it! But always soo bloated!! I tried weight watchers last year too
I had been on clomid since last September, released two eggs first round but still didn't conceive 🙄 so now they've tried me on metformin, was supposed to be on a waiting list for ovarian drilling but obviously that has been postponed so I'm pinning all my hopes on the metformin working in the meantime. I'm so sorry for your loss.
I have a 5 year old already, but just haven't been able to get pregnant with a second

faithandcake Tue 14-Apr-20 09:05:17

It helped regulate my cycles but still needed Clomid to get my bfp

Oliviajane24 Sat 18-Apr-20 00:06:58

I've been taking 3 tablets a day from day one. each tablet is 500mg. I really struggled with side effects for the first few weeks but symptoms settled pretty quickly. We've been trying for forever, just feel like it's never ever gonna happen.

Any success stories?

I'm so sorry for your loss my lovely. X you will get your baby!

Lots of love and baby dust to you all xx

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LethargicButAwesome Sat 18-Apr-20 12:57:48

Been taking it for 5 weeks diet period was earlier than usual no bfp yet - due to start clomid next week let's hope I don't need to and it's a BFP ! smile will let you know if I have any success

Oliviajane24 Wed 06-May-20 20:50:29

Hi lovely, did you get your BFP? Or have you started Clomid?

I still haven't had a BFP yet & been on it since jan x

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