Double embryo transfer 5 days ago

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BingBong2020 Sun 29-Mar-20 20:05:41

Hi all xx

It’s been 5 days since our double embryo transfer. I feel tired, sick, have bad cramps and I might be a tad moody lol blush. BUT I am on cyclogest (so all of these symptoms are relevant to this. So in other words I’m crawling the walls wondering what if etc! Any advice how to pass the next 10 days? Also anyone have any very early pregnancy symptoms that will help me Differentiate because pregnancy and cyclogest.

Thanks all star

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CritterTamer Sun 29-Mar-20 21:42:12

Hi OP, I think symptoms are very different for everybody, but for me two things stood out as different after my successful double embryo transfer. All the things you mentioned I had following the unsuccessful transfer too, but three days after my second transfer I developed a pain under my right hip, and a very heavy, full feeling in my uterus, it felt like the mother of all AFs was on the way. Two days later I was diagnosed with late onset OHSS but that had very different symptoms again so I'm sure the hip pain and full feeling were due to the twin pregnancy.
Good luck!

GrumpyHoonMain Sun 29-Mar-20 21:43:08

I had food cravings and nausea before I was due to test.

BingBong2020 Sun 29-Mar-20 21:50:32

Thanks so much for this!

I have dull twinges / pains in my boobs.

And constant cramps.

I normally don’t really get side effect from anything but if it’s this cyclogest it’s really really messing with me! Xxx

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BingBong2020 Sun 29-Mar-20 21:55:26

Thanks so much for good luck wishes! I’m hoping for the best. Also.. they transferred the embyros after day 2 claiming they were such good quality “wouldn’t make any difference” waiting till day 5.

Do you know much about this? As this slightly worried this... every website / post is different. I’ve got a 10 day wait now!! Eek! It’s going to drag! Xxx

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GrumpyHoonMain Sun 29-Mar-20 21:58:33

Every clinic does things differently. Mine only implant from day 6 if you have three or more good embryos at day 2/3.

BingBong2020 Sun 29-Mar-20 22:01:05

True guess I’m just over thinking / worrying over every tiny little thing!!!! I know I’m in the same boat as everyone in my position but I so wish I could fast forward the clock 10 days!!!!

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BingBong2020 Sun 29-Mar-20 22:06:57


At what stage did you get the food cravings? Nausea? X

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GrumpyHoonMain Sun 29-Mar-20 23:34:42

Nausea started a week after the transfer. Cravings a day or two after that. The cravings were intense and for one specific food (potatoes) and no matter what I ate I couldn’t get enough. The fertility nurse said it was likely both embryos had implanted at that stage for such strong symptoms but by the viability scan there was only one baby.

BingBong2020 Mon 30-Mar-20 09:08:11

I’ve had nothing like that yet. And they were implanted last Thursday. All I have is cramps the worst for a few days... nothing today though which is good! Relieved! They were waking me up at 4/4.30 in the morning for the first day days. Terrible.

And really sore boobs! They felt warmer than the rest of my body to touch for a few days. But this “heat” had also calmed down.

I’m fully aware this was probably my body getting used to the cyclogest though and now it’s calmed down / used to it so crazy side effects have stopped.

I’ll just have to wait till 9th I guess!!!!

Wow it’s going to be tough


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Elouera Thu 16-Apr-20 08:35:27

@BingBong2020- how did you get on? I hope you got a BFP?

I think we both had double embryo transfers around the same time (fertilised 16th Mar, inserted 21st and BFP 30th). I have a scan next week at 7+3 to check what is going on.

BingBong2020 Mon 20-Apr-20 09:48:20

Hi @Elouera

Sadly all the positive tests (5 of them) over the 10 days were either false positives or I miscarried.

I only found out that false positives were a thing in ivf from one of these forums, maybe I was being stupid but I honestly had no idea. I can’t believe that a false positive would show 16 days past the transfer but maybe it did. Who knows. So, I’m not sure if i actually was pregnant or it was just a load of medication. Some people say the lines were too dark for false positives but I have zero experience in this so god knows x

We were absolutely devastated to be honest, hence the delay in replying but I’m looking at getting back on the horse onwards and upwards. We will get there I’m sure of it!

I’m meant to have a scan in 2 weeks. I’m going to go just to find out what went on xxx

All pregnancy tests are now negative for me

Thanks for asking and checking up on me anyway x I appreciate it!

I wish you all the best with your pregnancy. Enjoy every minute of it 💓💓💓💓💓💓

Exciting, lovely times for you ahead xxxx


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Elouera Mon 20-Apr-20 10:07:19

@BingBong2020- so sorry to hear that. sad

I'd read that the ovitrelle trigger shot does give a false positive up to 10days, but sometimes longer. Strange yours was still positive 16 days earlier, but maybe it was a chemical? Did you ever get a negative beforehand?

1 article said that you CAN test earlier, but to be aware it will likely be positive. You then keep testing till you get a negative, then 'hopefully' a positive once again. That way, you know its a real pregnancy, and not just residual trigger in your system.

I tested at 9-13 days post fertilisation, and all were negative. 14 days post fertilisation it was positive. I used cheapy 'one step' so had about 30 to use up! (TTC 9yrs so used to buy in bulk!) I don't recommend that brand though. They are supposed to be as good as FRER, able to test down to 10iu/ml, but they were SO faint. Even 2 weeks on, they were still much lighter than the control line, whereas a different brand was dark and came up straight away.

Do you know when you clinic will re-open? Do you have any frozen embryos?

BingBong2020 Mon 20-Apr-20 16:12:01

No no more embryos

Never mind ...

Onwards and upwards xx

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MrsLouB Mon 20-Apr-20 16:18:24

@BingBong2020 i just wanted to wish you the best of luck, i recently had an early loss of our 2nd IVF attempt and and now waiting to see where that leaves us.

Sometimes with the tests and with IVF you shouldnt test until they say as you can have the trigger shot left over which is positive HCG but not from pregnancy and then after this any positive is a true one, but sadly they do not always last which is why some people say they where false. unless you are on an FET like me dont listen to the advise lol

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