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Holly147 Thu 06-Feb-20 19:10:31

I am having a natural cycle embryo transfer (probably next week), so am using ovulation sticks to test for the LH surge. I have to contact my clinic when I get a positive result, and the embryo transfer will be 6 days later.

I have done this twice before, and have tested twice a day when it gets near to the expected date of the LH surge to make sure I don't miss it (as I had unclear results one month).

So - if I tested this morning and got a negative result, then really I should next test tomorrow morning. But as it's getting close I'm going to test this evening as well. So what would happen if I tested this evening then got a positive result, then tested first thing in the morning (when I actually should be testing) and got a positive result then as well? Which day would I give my LH surge as, and does it matter? The clinic always do the embryo transfer 6 days after the surge, so I want to make sure I'm not ruining my chances by them doing it at the wrong time.

I'm assuming the LH surge must be detectable for over 12 hours, as otherwise testing once a day could easily miss it.

Sorry, probably over-thinking this, but can't get a straight answer from the clinic!

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MsChatterbox Thu 06-Feb-20 19:21:15

I never used opks in relation to embryo transfer so I cannot be certain, but I was always told that first day of peak is your peak day. I also tested 3 times a day when I was getting close to peak as mine was incredibly fast!

Holly147 Sat 08-Feb-20 20:14:51

Thanks @MsChatterbox smile

I did end up having a positive result in the evening and the morning, so told the clinic (actually managed to speak to someone on the phone which is rare!) and they said to go for transfer 6 days after the second positive result in the morning. Things I read online seemed to say the same as you though - that the first day is the peak day. Hopefully it won't matter! confused

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MsChatterbox Sun 09-Feb-20 06:04:10

How confusing!! I'm sure they know what they're talking about! Good luck 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

Holly147 Mon 10-Feb-20 15:53:41

Thank you! smile

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