2 MMC last year, what's next?

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Vsebu8 Tue 07-Jan-20 12:16:59

Hi, just wanted to see if someone had a similar experience and/or can advise where to move.. I had 2 natural pregnancies last year and 1 chemical in between. Both pregnancies were around 6 months of TTC and both ended in early MMC. Went through private D&C, so got the testing done - both were chromosomal abnormalities (full trisomies).

Our karyotypes are normal. We also ran the sperm checks and all came normal. Waiting currently for sperm DNA fragmentation test but the doc says that based on other tests he expects it to be normal as well.

My AMH is 18. Age 35. No kids and pregnancies before. Both docs we dealt with (gynae and urologist) said to try again, otherwise, go through IVF with PGS. They don't refer us for any other tests.
What else can I check? Is IVF the only solution in this case even when the pregnancies occur naturally? Really stressed to think that my eggs might be crap even for IVF, but why do they fertilise naturally then.. so confusing..

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AnneLovesGilbert Tue 07-Jan-20 12:25:22

Have you had all the normal tests a recurrent miscarriage clinic would run? I had two MMC and 3 natural MCs and all the tests and they never found the reason. My successful pregnancy I was on steroids, aspirin, fragmin (injections) and a huge dose of progesterone (pessaries) and one or more of them worked but neither the consultant nor I know which. He prescribed every thing he could on the NHS and said if all of that failed we’d have to go the IVF screening route but we wouldn’t have qualified as my husband had DC and we couldn’t have afforded it so I didn’t look into it much.

I’m so sorry for your losses and how shit a position you’re in, looking for answers and going through all that physically and emotionally is exhausting and heartbreaking.

Despite no diagnosis our clinic thought I probably had a clotting issue that couldn’t be picked up hence all the blood thinners but two of my mcs were while on fragmin so it either wasn’t that or the dose wasn’t high enough for those two.

Vsebu8 Tue 07-Jan-20 12:35:40

thanks for your reply AnneLovesGilbert, we were not referred for any tests as both MMC were due to chromosomal abnormalities. This was the cause and no need for other tests (i.e. blod clotting etc.), we were told. I probably still want to do all these checks but this doesn't deal with the reason of MMC in our case.

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LillyLeaf Tue 07-Jan-20 12:51:31

I had 2 IVF MCs, then tested a total of 9 'good quality' embryos with pgs, only had 1 normal, but at least I got one.

VenusStarr Tue 07-Jan-20 12:58:42

I'm sorry for your losses @Vsebu8. I've had 2 MMCs and am 36. I was already under a fertility clinic, but concieved while waiting for the first appointment (cycle 16).

Both pregnancies were natural but I've had the hsg test and recently had a hysteroscopy and polyp removed. I'm due to see the consultant next week. When I saw him in September, he did say he's not looking at ivf for us at the moment, as I can somehow get pregnant (despite not being able to for nearly 18 months). Not sure what the next steps are yet.

I've had recurrent mc tests, still waiting for the results but not expecting them to show much.

I'm taking 200mg of ubiquinol as I read that's good for eggs, no evidence that it will help me yet.

Might be worth having some initial fertility tests with the GP - our process from first GP appointment to fertility clinic was nearly 5 months.

Good luck.

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