FET treatment after stopped breastfeeding

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2018mummytogirl Tue 17-Sep-19 08:21:31

Hello girls

Hoping some of you have been through similar and can offer advice based on your experience.

I've recently stopped breastfeeding (it was only once or twice comfort feeding at night) my 14 month old and we're booked to see our consultant next week to discuss our one remaining frozen embaby.

If you stopped breastfeeding before your FET/fresh cycle, how long before did your clinic advise you to stop? I've read a lot of clinics say you need to have stopped breastfeeding 3 months before treatment...

I was hoping once I'd stopped we could just crack on with the FET (my cycles have been back to normal for around 4 months).

We're going to Leeds fertility so would be super helpful if anyone has had experience here.

Thanks ladies

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Piper51 Tue 17-Sep-19 13:19:54


I’m mid way though my fet and only stopped bf about 3 weeks before starting.

I was having regular periods though even though I was bf so once I stopped I waited for my period and then took the pill for one cycle before starting down reg.

My clinic said it didn’t matter if I was still bf when I started but just that the meds would dry up my milk!

My DD is 2 and was only feeding twice for comfort as well.

I think clinics differ and it depends on your prolactin level and if your cycles have come back!

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