Am I being weird?

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anivad Sun 30-Jun-19 21:16:00

I have a lodger who's had minor health issues since moving in and I've always listened to her concerns, driven her to appointments etc. I thought we were friends. She became the only person to know about my egg collection in advance and said she would come to take me home from the clinic and help me out. That was a massive relief to me as DH is overseas. About 3 days before EC her son got into some kind of trouble in Spain (not that serious) and she decided to fly out there. She entirely forgot about my EC. So far so good. I didn't say a word but it came up again in conversation before she left. The day came and went and I heard nothing from her. No good luck, no how did it go. I was really a bit hurt. I had OHSS and was in pain for a full two weeks after. When she came back she remarked that the house isn't that clean. I'm seriously wowed. I feel so disappointed. Now I just want her to leave. Am I crazy?

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Kelly199 Mon 01-Jul-19 11:53:30

@anivad don't think you're being weird at all!!
Sorry she hasn't turned out to be what you thought.
She should've at least text you to ask how you were and hope all goes well etc.
Hope you're feeling ok now.
Sounds like a horrible person!! The last thing you'd be doing is cleaning the house when you're in agony and obviously very emotional with the whole process you've had to endure!
I'm not surprised you don't want her there anymore. I know you've said she's your lodger, but seems as though you looked at each other as friends, especially as she offered to take you to your EC.
Really hope you're ok. Definitely not being crazy, she's clearly just very insensitive to your feelings x

AliceAbsolum Tue 02-Jul-19 08:28:26

She sounds selfish and rude. Kick her out.

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