T.T.C 7 months - blood test results

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RoseIvy Mon 24-Jun-19 19:33:01

I’ve been off the contraceptive pill for 7 months and have been ttc in that time (6 months properly trying using opks). I’m 34.

Getting impatient I had some blood tests done at my GP surgery because I was worried that my periods were short (only last two days of proper flow!) even though my cycles are fairly regular between 27 and 30 days and I do get a ‘peak’ on the opks every month. I was also worried about a short luteal phase - mine is 12/13 days (up from 11 a few months ago) but I spot from day 10 or 11.

My GP had no idea about the short luteal phase thing but said I could test for progesterone 7 days after ovulation rather than on day 21 so that’s what I did (which was day 25).

My gp said my day 3 and day 21 blood test results were ‘normal’ although my testosterone was just outside of the upper end of normal (it was 1.7 and should only be 1.6). She said that wouldn’t be pcos because my fsh/LH would be inversed from what they actually were.

However I’ve looked online and am not sure my results are normal at all. My fsh was 10 which seems very high. LH seems low at 3.5

My day 21 progesterone was 42

Anyone else had similar results or any advice??

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Persipan Mon 24-Jun-19 22:12:01

Where are you looking that's suggesting those results are abnormal?

I'm obviously no expert but they look fine to me - the FSH maybe a fraction above the reference range, but nothing especially marked. You wouldn't expect to have high LH at the points in your cycle you've had bloods taken, and your progesterone looks fine. Your luteal phase is a little short, but not so short that it would prevent you from conceiving - less than 10 days could be an issue, but yours is plenty long enough.

It can take quite a while for your body to settle down after coming off the pill - I know it's really frustrating but I'm not seeing anything in what you're describing that's especially concerning.

If you really can't wait and want more information, though, you could always look at having a consultation with a private clinic, and maybe getting your AMH tested, antral follicle count taken, and a scan done to see if your tubes are clear. (I say private clinic because I suspect the NHS wouldn't do this stuff for you right now, but by all means ask your GP to be sure!)

Good luck!

physicskate Mon 24-Jun-19 22:31:52

At 7 months ttc, you're just past the point where 50% of couples would have conceived (that's at about 5 months ttc). 80% will conceive in a year. 90% within two years. This is only couples who have no fertility issues.

So statistics are very much on your side here.

No alarm bells are ringing from what you've said (I only ever have one day of proper 'flow' and was always told that was fine). Give it some more time.

Professor Lord Robert Winston's advice to couples where it's been dragging on a bit is to shag more, and not just at fertile times but throughout the cycle.

RoseIvy Mon 24-Jun-19 22:55:02

Thanks both, that’s very reassuring!!

I was concerned that fsh was high (lots of googling had me concerned that it should be lower than 10) and especially given how raised it is in comparison to my LH levels. Again, I had read that fsh and LH should be equal(ish).

I think i should stay away from google!!

So difficult to know what is a ‘normal’ amount of time to conceive and 7 months probably feels far longer than it actually is!

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Wesstywoo Tue 25-Jun-19 13:20:16

Hi @RoseIvy have you had your prolactin levels tested? My periods were similar when coming off the pill and it turned out it was due to high prolactin. Your GP can arrange this blood test

RoseIvy Tue 25-Jun-19 13:35:55

Hi @wesstywoo, thanks for replying.

Yes, my prolactin was tested and was 470 mu/l which looks like high end of the reference range (490). GP didnt comment on that and just said everything was within range (except the testosterone which was slightly high)

My Oestradiol was also tested (day 3) and was 227pmol

What happened re: your prolactin level, did it sort itself out? I have wondered if it’s the balance of all those things which is off and causing my short periods/spotting

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