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Mid-cycle bleeding and side pain after failed iui

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janey15 Sat 22-Jun-19 16:01:25

I know this isn't really the right board but wasn't sure where to post and just want to talk to someone!

So our final nhs iui ended a couple of weeks ago with my period arriving the day before test day followed by a negative hpt. Then a few days ago I started spotting, I think a few days before ovulation and it's still going. I also have some left side pain. The pain isn't necessarily unusual for me as I have endo on that side but I've never bled at this time. Unfortunately the first thing I got from googling was that it could potentially be an ectopic. I have had a cyst on that side for the last few cycles so maybe it's that?

I'm going to the Drs on Monday (also got a lump in my breast confused) but my DH is away and I'm driving myself mad worrying with no one to talk to. I know it's unlikely that it's an ectopic but I can't help but worry.

I don't really want advice (although it would be welcome) just a bit of reassurance from someone other than my dog!!

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