High FSH at cd3 bloods

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Lauren83 Tue 18-Jun-19 19:10:01

A lot of people say 'you are only as good as your highest FSH' so the fact it's been that high obviously isn't great but it's common for your age, there's a good chance it will come down and stay down so I would ask for a retest out of curiosity. I did end up conceiving naturally a few years after it had been 23 so it's not always bad news

Whyhaveidonethis Tue 18-Jun-19 18:57:25

Thank you for your response. I've got an appointment booked 2ith my GP just before my next AF is due so do you think it's worth asking to be retested?

I've attached my full results in the hope anyone can provide any further insights

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Lauren83 Tue 18-Jun-19 18:44:01

Ideally your FSH should be under 10 although it can fluctuate, mine was 8/9 when I started IVF but when it went to 17 I lost NHS funding for own egg IVF, they gave me 2 months to see if it dropped but it didn't and I went on to have a baby with donor eggs. You may still be able to conceive and have no problems with an FSH of that level but it can complicate things if you ended up requiring fertility treatment, usually your AMH declines as your FSH gets higher and it's a sign your body is struggling to ovulate when it starts pumping out excess FSH, women with a low AMH often need a higher dose of stimulation during IVF but as the meds are FSH you don't get a good response if your levels are high already. I would try to get a retest and take it from there

Whyhaveidonethis Tue 18-Jun-19 18:36:22

Hi all, I've just popped over from Conception board for some advice.

I had cd3 bloods done last month, GP said all was fine but when I popped in to get a print out I saw that actually my FSH was 18.1 on cd3. All other cd3 bloods were in range of normal. Now that cycle I actually fell pregnant and it ended in a CP at 5 weeks. Because I was on holiday I didn't get the cd21 bloods done until the next cycle on day 2. This showed my progesterone level to be 41 so also within range.

I'm 40, this is now cycle 10 and I'm losing hope. Does anyone know anything about high FSH levels? I'm assuming there is nothing they can do about this to help conception?

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