OTD different with different clinics... Do they not risk early miscarriage?

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AliceAbsolum Mon 13-May-19 16:34:54

My clinic says 16 days post egg collection. Others are 14 days post egg collection... Its terrifying! Doesn't the 14 day guidance risk people stopping progestogen after a "negative" test and ending a perfectly viable pregnancy??
I mean there are massive differences between success rates, maybe stuff like is why!

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AliceAbsolum Mon 13-May-19 16:35:20


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Teddybear45 Mon 13-May-19 16:37:37

Are you sure it’s egg collection and not egg transfer? My clinic gets you to test 14 days after transfer - by then a negative is definitely a negative. If there’s any doubt you need to call and they will get you to repeat (and the progresterone continues).

LillyLeaf Mon 13-May-19 16:39:04

My clinic says 14 days past EC but with a blood test so even the slightest HCG levels will show up, they don't advice home testing before this.

AliceAbsolum Mon 13-May-19 16:53:29

@Teddybear45 14 days after transfer! So even if it was a 3 day transfer it would be 18 days after EC.
I've definitely heard of people saying 9dp5dt.

@lillyleaf makes perfect sense your clinics way. I don't know why all clinics don't do blood tests. Cost I guess. A lady on the conception board was one of the 1% (or something similar) of people who don't show hcg in her urine. So if she did a home test she would have stopped her medication and come in her period. Awful.

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PrayingandHoping Mon 13-May-19 18:50:12

My clinic was 16 days before post collection as they said sometimes results can be unclear at 14..... I had mine at 15 though as it fell over weekend and that's what they wanted to do

PrayingandHoping Mon 13-May-19 18:50:42

Mine was also blood test and they advise not to home test

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