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ceexo Wed 24-Apr-19 10:08:54

hey ladies never posted on anything like this before just want to share my story and what is going on right now, any advice im happy to take smile x

i have had 3 ectopics and 1 miscarriage, my first was my miscarriage on the 29/12/14 then i had my first ectopic on the 9/6/17 my second ectopic was 6/9/18 and my 3rd was only on 11/1/19, my first ectopic i had to get my left tube removed and my 2nd and 3rd there i got treated with methotrexate. i dont know why this keeps happening to me? as im still young i was only 23 yesterday and have no problems the hosp are saying, they just dont no why this keeps happening the now so im going through alot wiith hosps the now through it all and then yesterday i found out im 5 weeks pregnant i foned hosp straight away and im booked in next week for a scan, its just so stressfull cause at the back of my mind i just think im going to have another ectopic it just never ends, my mind just does overtime and i stress everytime its hard not to stress as i have had 3 ectopic pregnancies in a year and a half, hopefully this is my time and i have my lil rainbow baby <3 x

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Sageadvice21 Thu 25-Apr-19 17:04:24


So sorry to hear about your ectopics, 3 is a lot!! Have they not suggested any testing of your remaining tube to see whether there are any blockages? HSG or HyCoSy?

I very much hope this pregnancy is in the right place for you, but if not, I think I would be asking for further testing on my remaining tube before trying to get pregnant again.

Good luck!

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