High amh

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Littlelot Tue 09-Apr-19 22:05:01

That’s good to know. I think the nurse just scared me a little at the consultation with all the symptoms and how I had a higher risk etc. That I came away panicking a bit.

Just keeping my fingers crossed for plenty but not too many eggs.

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mynameiscalypso Tue 09-Apr-19 21:47:02

I have high AMH too and responded well to IVF stims. They kept a close eye on me to avoid OHSS but I had no issues at all - I can't remember how many eggs we got at EC (maybe 15 - 20?) but we ended up with 10 embryos that made it to Day 5. Definitely better to have high AMH than low in my experience. Good luck!

Littlelot Tue 09-Apr-19 21:43:09

Thank you 😊 I’ve started having the infections a few days ago and will have my first scan tomorrow. So far feeling okay but ohss is in back of my mind. They want to scan me every other day so just trying not to worry as I know the medical team are excellent.

Sorry to hear about your setbacks - I had to have an op last year due to something they found but finally giving ivf a go. Hope the drugs the doctors have prescribed help and the biopsy is clear. It’s really frustrating how long the process is.

Thank you again for replying!

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K10f1 Sun 07-Apr-19 11:14:17

Just wanted to say I’m in a similar boat. My AMH is 85. The lab report actually says “extremely high risk of ohss” - which is a little less than comforting. They’ve never diagnosed me with pcos - I have a lot of the physical symptoms but my hormone tests were always normal and while I did have ovarian cysts aparently they weren’t “polycystic.” I saw gynaecology last week however and they’ve basically said they’re going to treat me as if I have pcos and are starting metformin to you know.. see if it helps. I can’t start fertility treatment anyway as there was an incidental endometrial abnormality on ultrasound that now requires hysteroscopy/biopsy before I could proceed. It sort of feels like my body is putting so many barriers in the way of even trying fertility treatment. Anyway good luck starting treatment, I’m sorry I can’t offer any sort of reassurance as frankly you’re ahead of me on this one, but I always think there’s a lot written about low AMH and not a lot about high. It can feel like nobody else has that challenge so I just wanted to stick my hand in the air and say “I hear you.” I hope you have success.

Littlelot Mon 25-Mar-19 19:13:12

Just had our consultation today and have been given go ahead to start next cycle but also told that my amh was very high -45- but def no pcos and so I needed more scans and blood tests. I’ve been told I’m starting on a dose of 112 so low it wasn’t even on the training needle! Also they kept saying I was at risk of ohss. Not really sure of my question, but just wondering if anyone else had experience if high amh. I thought it would be a good thing to have higher amh but now worried in case I get ohss or my dose is so low I don’t get any eggs.

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