Anyone else messed about like this??

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Rspu3 Thu 21-Feb-19 17:58:03

Already posted about private ivf as I’m so sick of the nhs system already. Went to our doctor last year may time, had tests for both me and my partner. Came back he has severe oligospermia and mine came back normal so far. We were referred to gyn/ infertility in October appointment was after Xmas it got cancelled by the hospital reason was clinic cancelled. I was devastated, rang my doctors and got into another hospital for an earlier appointment ( other hospitals appointments were now in may at the earlier) got appointment for in a few weeks time, got a letter yesterday saying cancelled because gp has not attached certain results/certain tests not been done. I was fuming have rang the doctor and he’s passed the blame onto his secretary. I now apparently need my fsh/Lh tests done again and other tests before we can try and book an apppintment again.
I’m so done already with it. I’m so stressed and feel
Like ripping my hair out, doctor doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing and the hospital just doesn’t seem to want to keep our appointment ( feels like that) so disheartened already. Has anyone else had all this shit with there doctors?

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physicskate Thu 21-Feb-19 21:52:44

I had multiple cancelled appointments that they wouldn't notify me about. So dh and I would arrive and they would send us away.

And the gps I saw were less than useless. One told me have more miscarriages during a miscarriage. Prick.

Infertility is literally wasting time.

Rspu3 Thu 21-Feb-19 22:21:36

Sorry to hear that that’s awful. In a way then at least they give us warning thst our appointments are calncelled couldn’t imagine what would come out of my mouth if I got to a clinic and they told me it’s cancelled multiple times it’s already a fuck about getting time for both me and my oh at work for these appointments then to ha e to swap them about.
Yes doctors seem useless! Don’t think our gp actually knows what he’s talking about, he told me he doesn’t understand why the clinic want me to have chlamydia swabs fgs.
Also to be told it’s a very lengthy process to which I replied yes I know but nearly a year to just be referred to the hospital for more testing is kind of taking the piss don’t you think?!. My husband needs examining especially to see if there are any blockages/infections and I’ve read time really is a factor with reversing things like that.
Needed the rant lol.
Can I ask how long since referal to ivf it is for you? Am I right to remember from other comments physicskate you have had ivf?

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physicskate Fri 22-Feb-19 00:34:37

Yup. Our successful cycle was in June (currently 38 weeks). I went to the gp in March 2017 (when he told me to have miscarriages). Then I self-referee to the fertility clinic in June /July 2017 having had no tests. Then we had tests and 6 clomid cycles. Then you ivf in June 2018. We did get there in the end...

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