TTC but don't ovulate

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FrogsLegs33 Sat 09-Feb-19 23:54:46

Just wanted to offer you some support flowers I am in a similar-ish situation except I was anovulatory with almost continuous bleeding envy

I’m going private shortly as I don’t feel my GP or hospital gynae are particularly interested in digging deeper into reasons for it.

I don’t think they put you on Clomid too quickly (I asked about it and my gynae was shocked! Lol)

I’ve been put on “cyclic progesterone” for four months to see if that will kickstart an ovulatory cycle or two and I have to say it seems to have worked for two cycles now. So this could be an initial avenue?

Good luck in your journey and I hope you respond well to whatever you get offered! ❤️

KittenKitchen Sat 09-Feb-19 14:23:32

Hi all,

Me and my OH have been trying for a kid but I struggle to ovulate. I can go up to 2 years without a period and recently been told to take provera as it's been 10 months since my last one.

Does anyone know the process when you get referred by your doctor to a specialist? We recently had an appointment where I was scanned and they said I had no cysts and my ovaries seemed good? I just don't ovulate..
I was told to take an androgen test at my doctors again as mine seemed borderline.. we have another appointment in a month

I had a scan many years ago and was told i had pcos, recently they were unable to confirm this diagnosis but a lot more will be clear next appointment with the results of my androgen test

I do not ovulate naturally and I'm wondering what the next step will be? I am currently shedding my lining before the next appt and wondering if I'll get put onto clomid or something similar.. I'm worried about this as i have no cysts and everything seemed fine on the ultrasound but i don't ovulate

any help would be appreciated.. thanks

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