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Mol5 Tue 29-Jan-19 13:55:48

Has anyone had noticeable success with fertility from losing weight with PCOS?

I.e has losing weight helped you/someone you know get more regular periods, ovulation, pregnancy?

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cranberrymoon Tue 29-Jan-19 14:01:56

I lost maybe 5% via low carb and I have got pregnant successfully twice. Also taking metformin and inositol.
Can't recommend using ovusense enough either-brillliant!

FeeneeTTC Tue 29-Jan-19 19:10:17

Yes I have.

When I first started trying, and was referred to the hospital after about 6 months, my bmi was over 37 and I never had periods, let alone ovulation. I was told I had to get my bmi down to 30 to qualify for treatment on the nhs (it’s 35 for private). It took ages, due to pcos and partly due to emotional reasons, but in 16months I lost over 3 stone and got my bmi down to 29. During that time, my periods started to return, first (tmi!) once I’d lost about a stone, with a long bleed that lasted 8 months on and off until I hit nearly 2 stone loss, then that finally stopped and then I got another bleed about 50 days later, and then as I lost more a cycle started to occur for the first time in years. I was due to start fertility treatment in sept 18 but my period didn’t come so they proscribed provera to induce one. To take that you have to take a pregnancy test and mine was positive! So I got pregnant naturally! Unfortunately, I then had a miscarriage at 7 weeks. I am now on clomid. But losing weight made a huge, dramatic difference to me fertility wise, and to my general health and confidence. I appreciate that isnt the case for all, and I know it’s not easy, but I’d recommend it for anyone who has pcos and is obese (bmi 30 plus).

Hope that’s encouraging!

Mol5 Tue 29-Jan-19 19:41:06

Thanks @feeneeTTC that's really informative and encouraging.

My BMI is currently 30 having got it down from 33 when I was initially referred for treatment. I am still working hard on weightloss and hope to get it comfortably under 30 in the coming months.

I'm just clinging to the last bits of hope that it could happen naturally for me before I begin IVF in May. Hopefully these next 10-15lbs will make a difference! (I have done clomid but no bfp).

I've ordered OvuSense today @cranberrymoon! Only wish I had tried it earlier in the last 3 years!

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cranberrymoon Wed 30-Jan-19 00:29:50

Great that you have ordered ovusense. It told me I ovulated in day 24 and I got pregnant the first month of trying because I had this info. All the best!

ckc45d10 Wed 30-Jan-19 17:38:41

Weight loss may help with blood sugar balance.
Have you also considered CoQ10 for fertility support? And, there is some research on it as it relates to PCOS.

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