1 and 21 day blood tests

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Fizzy13 Tue 04-Dec-18 11:39:45

How day sensitive are the blood tests? Does it have to be absolutely the first day and the 7 days before due day?

Has anyone managed to get the tests done at a different surgery (UK) while on holiday etc?

Do I have to wait for a month when these days don't land on a weekend/Christmas?!

We're just starting out on this road and obviously I want to get on with it now we've made the decision.

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CritterTamer Tue 04-Dec-18 15:15:10

Hi OP - I don’t think you want one done on day 1 - FSH/LH normally needs to be done on CD 2 - 4, with progesterone then done 7 days before AF due date. It is important they are done on the correct days or the results won’t be meaningful.

VenusStarr Tue 04-Dec-18 19:13:40

Hi @Fizzy13, we're at a similar stage. I've actually just had my cd21 test today! So can't report back on the sensitivity / accuracy.

Do you have regular cycles? I saw the GP nearly 3 weeks ago and he gave me the forms and told me to go to get the bloods done whenever I was on the right day, so it was left up to me. I went to a local hospital today and just turned up to the phlebotomy unit and waited. I had a choice of about 4 different places to get the bloods done. I don't think surgeries tend to do the bloods themselves (although might depend where you are)

I had heard if the dates fall over the weekend you can go on the Friday / Monday but you'd have to see how this fell with your cycle.

I'm off for the cd1-5 next week if and when my period arrives....

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