Different number of follicles to eggs retrieved?

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PinkFootedGoose Thu 29-Nov-18 19:15:56

Definitely ask about it, I know all CCGs are differently but certainly in our area if they don't put anything back due to no fertilisation or collect anything they count it as an incomplete cycle and it doesn't count towards your NHS allocation on the first go. Xx

Cariad82 Thu 29-Nov-18 17:52:08

Hi @PinkFootedGoose. Thanks for the message. Yes NHS cycle. We only get one in our area so we'll be paying for whatever is next. There was never any mention of cancelling the cycle. We're with a private clinic but the NHs is paying for it, instead of being in a mainly NHs facility. Maybe that's why. That would have been a good idea. Too late now though, but I may raise it at our review so that if the same happens again next try we aren't throwing money away.

I really hope a change of protocol will help the situation.

Best of luck with your pregnancy x

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PinkFootedGoose Thu 29-Nov-18 17:30:44

I'm glad it helped @Cariad82 although I see you had bad news at egg collection. Is it an NHS cycle? Our NHS clinic asked us if we wanted to cancel when our outcome was looking dire and said it wouldn't be counted as one of our free cycles if so. And also that they would change up the protocol next time as I really hadn't responded as they'd expected. They learn a lot from a first cycle and I did read somewhere in my dark googling that something like 50% of poor responders will go on to respond normally on a second round. Hope you find success xx

Cariad82 Wed 28-Nov-18 19:48:54

Thank you for that @PinkFootedGoose. That does help. I know they always say it only takes one but the odds are so stacked against you at any turn to do so poorly at the first hurdle feels like a real blow. Knowing others have had similar paths and it's ended well gives me hope smile

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PinkFootedGoose Wed 28-Nov-18 19:02:00

Not quite the news you're looking for but I had only 2 follicles / eggs collected and am currently 10 weeks pg with one of them. So even a small number can lead to a positive outcome.

Cariad82 Wed 28-Nov-18 16:21:46

Yes I had around 3 smaller follicles, but they said they were so small that they wouldn't catch up. I was just hoping that sometimes they make mistakes, or don't see something in the scan that they then find during collection. Just clutching at straws really.

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CritterTamer Wed 28-Nov-18 14:55:48

Did they tell you there were any smaller follicles lagging behind? Usually the follies are in a range of sizes, and it is possible for some smaller ones to catch up and be ready for collection. If there werent any others showing at all though it’s not possible to get more eggs than follicles.


Cariad82 Tue 27-Nov-18 15:15:44

Hi all

1st round of IVF and I only have 2 follicles at my last scan. Egg collection scheduled for Thursday. I'm just wondering if anyone ended up with a different (idealy higher!) number of eggs to the number of follicles they were told they have at their final scan?

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