HSG - where/ how to get it done privately in Scotland

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onny14 Thu 27-Jun-19 23:18:03

Hi all,

I’m in a similar position and wondered if anyone managed to get the HSG test privately?

heaven2013 Fri 21-Dec-18 14:13:27

Hi, I’m in exactly the same boat as you. I’ve recently had my appointment at the Edinburgh fertility centre. Did you have any luck finding out about a private HSG as I was thinking of doing the same as you.

Corrie79 Wed 07-Nov-18 07:01:01

Hi all, thank you for the advice and support xx

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windy2909 Wed 07-Nov-18 06:36:53

Sorry you have had such a time out of it to get to where you are now. I didn’t realise that eligibility in Scotland was only up to age 40, but if I were you I’d be arguing the bit out that you are/were under 40 when fertility investigations began. Also just read that aged 40-42 you can get 1 round as opposed to 3, so you should at least get one.....but don’t just bow down to that.

Depending where you are in Scotland may affect the waiting list times. I was waiting for my op with Lanarkshire trust and a friend who lives within the Glasgow trust had the same procedure well within the 12 weeks, whilst I received word that my trust were not meeting deadlines. If you do decide to wait for the NHS, be persistent and phone regularly for updates. I hope things get moving for you soon x

Persipan Wed 07-Nov-18 06:20:46

You could also ask them whether it has to be an HSG or whether a Hycosy (the ultrasound equivalent) would be acceptable to them. More places offer that.

ItsLikeRainOnYourWeddingDay Wed 07-Nov-18 00:42:59

If there is any issue with your age I would totally bring up the errors in your initial testing through your gp. The nhs is super strict on bmi so make sure that you are within the range as well.

Corrie79 Tue 06-Nov-18 23:08:59

@windy2909: Thank. I had already contacted Nuffield, as it looks like they used to offer this test in Glasgow, but not any more. I’ll try Rosshall though.

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Corrie79 Tue 06-Nov-18 23:06:32

@poster ItsLikeRainOnYourWeddingDay: we started talking to our GP after a year. Before tried pinpointing the ovulation date etc. But we were getting nowhere. I had a round of blood tests which was taking ages as with irregular periods to have your blood tested 7 days before the next one is a challenge. And they don’t take blood on Fridays, and you need to book an appointment at least a week in advance... Swab test tubes got broken twice, with nobody informing me until I called for the results a week later... Not plain sailing. And now we’re finding out that we’re almost out of time for NHS fundingsad

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windy2909 Tue 06-Nov-18 19:57:50

Hi there,

I think you could pay to get it done through Nuffield Health. You could also try Rosshall BMI. I priced surgery with both of them whilst struggling through a wait on the NHS. I have no idea of costs, but if you call they will give you prices.

ItsLikeRainOnYourWeddingDay Tue 06-Nov-18 18:36:22

Yep been there. It's incredibly slow. After how many unsuccessful months ttc did you go to the gp?

Corrie79 Tue 06-Nov-18 18:21:18

Thank you, will give them a call. Not sure what is going to happen, if I’ll manage to get my foot in the door or not. Still hoping that some medication may help. It took over a year before we got to see a specialist and nothing moves quickly. Really disappointed with my GP for not having moved it quicker, given my age. It’s quite an emotional and scary place to be.

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ItsLikeRainOnYourWeddingDay Tue 06-Nov-18 17:59:58

The waiting list is about a year long once you are on it. The cut of is 40 so do you actually know if you will get nhs funded treatment??

ItsLikeRainOnYourWeddingDay Tue 06-Nov-18 17:57:39

Call GCRM in Glasgow or Spire in Edinburgh. I think as it is a procedure done by radiographers and not gynaes you may struggle to find a private provider.

If you did get it privately the ERI consultants will accept the results. They accepted my private test results. It will just move you on to the ivf waiting list quicker not move you onto and up the waiting list in anyway.

Corrie79 Tue 06-Nov-18 17:47:03

Hi Ladies,
TTc for over 2yrs now, finally referred to Edin Fertility clinic. We’ve been asked to do HSG (check if tubes are blocked). NHS waiting time is 12 weeks. Turning 40 in spring, so really under pressure to move along asap. Does anyone have any idea where I could get it done in Scotland? Is it possible to get just the test done? We want to continue down the NHS route as the full private fertility treatment is too costly, but need to get it done as soon as we can. Any ideas?

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