2nd successful iui - what I did differently this time around

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Momhope15 Mon 24-Sep-18 18:39:36

I just wanted to post my journey with unexplained infertility and IUI treatment. I also wanted to tell you what I did in this successful cycle
I have been trying for nearly 3 years and during this time I suffered 2 miscarriages (conceived naturally) one very early on and the second at 5 weeks.
The first IUI failed. My clinic's normal procedure is to trigger 24 hours before which I thought was too early. So I decided to trigger sooner I triggered 31 hours before the procedure. Triggered at 7am on Thursday, procedure was Friday at 2pm
I also bd Wednesday night and Saturday around noon.

I did not take any hormones during any of the cycles. I did however take maca powder and another supplement for stress. Made my hubby take those plus creatine, l cartamine and tribulus.
I also did fertility yoga at home twice per week.

I tested this weekend and I got a positive result! After two miscarriages I am being very reserved and not overly happy. Fingers crossed all goes well.

Please try this and let me know if this has worked for you!

Sending you all the luck!!!

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Botanica Mon 24-Sep-18 23:45:16

Congratulations and good luck!

Could you perhaps share about more about fertility yoga? Sounds interesting.

Momhope15 Tue 25-Sep-18 07:05:43

I did one for fertility and stress as I have been suffering from anxiety for the past year. So this cycle I tried really hard to manage it as I read that it can impact fertility. There was loads on you tube but I did this one https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wabBWg2MSQw&t=1678s and i also been listening to headspace. My anxiety has really improve since.

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