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Infertility counselling vs regular counselling

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ohbigdaddio Thu 07-Dec-17 07:45:19

I'm struggling to find an infertility counsellor. My NHS clinic provides one but appointments are only every 8 weeks or so and it's not enough.

I've seen a couple of private infertility counsellors who haven't been right for me and I'm starting to wonder if a more general counsellor would still help? l have anxiety and am close to becoming depressed. l liked the idea of talking to someone who knows about the IVF process etc but its hard to find someone. (I'm in London and didn't think this would be the case!)

Has anyone seen a more general counsellor and found it still helped?

Blueroses99 Thu 07-Dec-17 10:37:31

I had one session with an infertility counsellor but regular sessions with a general counsellor that I was seeing pre-fertility treatment for depression and anxiety. The infertility counsellor was obviously more knowledgable about the detail of treatment, outcomes, concerns etc which the general counsellor lacked but he had an understanding and had counselled other patients which was enough to be useful. The general counsellor was able to consider wider aspects of my life affected by infertility and devise coping mechanisms so overall more beneficial.

ohbigdaddio Thu 07-Dec-17 14:00:29

Thanks so much blueroses99 that's really interesting. I've become fixated on getting an infertility counsellor but maybe I should have a rethink...

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