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Anyone want to join me in 2ww

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Scottishgirl85 Wed 07-Jun-17 20:53:45

I'm 1dp5dt and starting to wonder how I'm going to survive the 2ww. OTD is 20 June which is 14dp5dt, no way I'm waiting that long so trying to decide when I will test. Anyone else in same boat at the moment and want to join so we can try to stay sane together?

ShaunTgirl Wed 07-Jun-17 21:43:41

Hi Scottishgirl85!
I'm 8dp5dt so exactly a week ahead of you. OTD is next Tuesday 13th. We had treatment abroad and just flew home on Sunday so has been a busy week settling into daily routine again...but great as helps take my mind off of waiting.
Is this your first attempt?

Scottishgirl85 Thu 08-Jun-17 07:16:23

Hi Shaun! How are you feeling? I think I would have tested by now if I were you, I'm so impatient! When do you think you'll test? Are you having any symptoms?
Our clinic is abroad too, we fly home today. Yes this is our first attempt at ivf. What about you?
Are you on progesterone pessaries? I'm annoyed as our flight means I'll need to take tonight's dose late. I've adjusted my dose this morning by one hour, and tonight's will be one hour late too. So that will be two 13 hour gaps rather than 12. I'm hoping this will be OK. Everything is a worry isn't it?!
Good luck for when you test!!

ShaunTgirl Fri 09-Jun-17 12:19:40

Hi SG85,

Hope you are well & relaxing now at home! We made our visit a mini holiday & it was great to just chill out in sunshine.
This is our 4 attempt in Czech Republic (having underwent unsuccessful fresh transfer last summer & 2 failed FET transfers either side of Christmas). This is a fresh transfer & I have had 2 embryos transplanted so really really hoping this time it'll work. I haven't been tempted to test early as no news is still good news so for time being still feeling positive. I tested early last time and was completely gobsmacked & deflated when was BFN as had just assumed had worked.
I haven't had any symptoms so far, was hoping for an implantation twinge or sore boob or 2, now don't know if this is good or bad but just relieved no cramping or bleeding.
How about you? Are you back at work next week?
Golly, I have lovely progesterone pessaries also! The joys of 4 in morning and 4 in evening & same as you with them taken lying down for 30 minutes. I am complying as best as can but is much harder on work days. I aim for 5-6am & as soon as home from work 6-7pm but yesterday delayed so was a bit later. But always 8 a day.
Looking forward to hearing how you are getting on! Xxx

Coolchic12 Fri 09-Jun-17 15:19:56

Hi ladies , do you mind sharing how much you have paid for ivf abroad. Thanks in advance .
Ps good luck!

Scottishgirl85 Fri 09-Jun-17 19:51:30

Shaun you've got such good self control not testing yet!! I'm worried I'm going to test early... Bit concerned as did have really sore boobs since starting the progesterone after egg collection, but they've got less sore now. I thought the progesterone would keep them sore? Having a few twinges and lots of creamy CM since yesterday but no idea if these are signs. Only 3dp5dt so think it's too early for any signs yet?
I'm so hopeful you'll get your bfp after all those rounds, that must be really tough.
Which clinic are you with? We're Reprofit in Czech republic - are you with them too??
Are you holding out until OTD or do you have a date in mind to test? I'm not sure I'll get beyond 7dp5dt... Is that too early? Xx

Scottishgirl85 Fri 09-Jun-17 19:58:57

Also had awful heartburn today which I never normally have. A bit of googling tells me these are all symptoms of progesterone so not anything for me to be excited by :-(

Scottishgirl85 Fri 09-Jun-17 20:07:18

Hi coolchic. We went to Czech Republic. Actual money to clinic was £1850 for everything including icsi. Plus £300 for freezing my extra embryos. But you have to then add on flights, accommodation and spending money. For us this was around £1100 for flights, accommodation, all meals, loads of sightseeing, public transport etc. We decided to make a holiday out of it for 8 days. Home costs in UK was £450 for my drugs and £195 for 2 cycle monitoring scans before we flew out. Hope that helps. I'd thoroughly recommend my clinic. Professional, modern and very clean.

Coolchic12 Sun 11-Jun-17 19:10:31

Thanks Scott, wow it's much cheaper than London clinics! I've been to one one for a consultation and was told, including meds and monitoring etc it will be around £7500 (estimate , could be more). I think we'll give abroad clinics a serious thought.

I hope it goes well for you!

Scottishgirl85 Sun 11-Jun-17 21:20:33

Coolchic, are you not eligible for funding? If not, definitely go abroad if it's feasible for you!
As for me, I caved ridiculously early and tested today at 5dp5dt... A bfn of course. I know it's far too early but have had a miserable day today. I have a strong gut feeling it hasn't worked :-(

ShaunTgirl Sun 11-Jun-17 21:30:12

Good evening Scottishgirl & Coolchic,

We were at Reprofit too!!!! What a coincidence, we surely must have overlapped a bit in Brno. I, like you, was very impressed with Reprofit clinic (even though still waiting for BFP) and had a lovely relaxing time in sunny Brno.
I have had sore heavy boobs last few days, mainly when taking bra off, was happy with this confused but now wondering if maybe just due to progesterone. I am also on low dose steroid and aspirin in attempt to boost our chances of success this time.
How have you been Scottishgirl? Any other symptoms? Are you feeling well? Have you been tempted to test early? I bet last week's transplant seems like a million miles away now.
Did you have any treatments in UK before venturing overseas?

This morning I had a little bit of cramping which lingered into afternoon & throughout the day when went to the loo there's been a bit of pale pink. I just sat and stared when I first noticed it with that horrible horrible sinking feeling in my tummy that it's going to be a BFN again sad. But I have take extra progesterone tonight, rested with hot water bottle & praying/keeping fingers crossed that all is OK (thinking maybe it might be one embryo lost & other one still OK... wishful thinking maybe, I don't know if this can happen?) so far nothing worse. I am now not in the slightest bit wanting to test in case confirms my fear so for now just pottering along.
Coolchic, we had donor egg so a bit more pricey than Scottishgirl (I am SO jealous as how cheap your treatment was in comparison to here in UK), I can't understand why more people don't go overseas.
Our fresh donor egg cycle was 4900 euros & drugs approximately £200-£300. I also had to pay for private scan here in UK which cost £70. As Scottishgirl had mentioned we had flights/hotel/spending money on top of this but I tried to justify this by looking at our trip as a holiday. I must admit though it's very much harder trying to juggle visits around work (no-one knows we are having treatment let alone going abroad for it).
Scottish girl isn't heartburn a good sign? Looking forward to hearing how you are getting on?

Coolchic12 Mon 12-Jun-17 20:01:40

Hi ladies

Aww Scottishgirk I'm sorry about your bfn but as you say it's still early so hang in there

Shawn wow how did you manage to stay away from the tests! Fingers crossed it's double good news for you!

Scottishgirl, we are not eligible as we are trying for our 2nd child. The first was conceived on first month, but this time been trying since my periods came back in November after stopping breastfeeding so about 8 months . It's not too long I know but I'm worried I'm running out of time 37.5 yrs. we've so far done the basic tests (apart from checking tubes) and they came normal. I just don't want to look back a few months down the line with no success and regret not going for ivf sooner.

Scottishgirl85 Mon 12-Jun-17 21:39:19

Think we crossed posts Shaun, and you missed my previous message. I totally cracked and tested yesterday at 5dp5dt and today at 6dp5dt... So far bfn, and all symptoms gave dried up. I'll test every day now (Internet cheapies so about 10p per test!). I'm just gutted and been struggling with the emotional side. I know I'm not out yet but I have a gut feeling. We have a 2 year old girl and I remember my pregnancy symptoms vividly, nothing this time.
How are you doing? Can't believe you haven't caved!!! I'm in awe of you! It's your OTD tomorrow yes? Your symptoms sound really promising!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!
We weren't eligible for funding so went straight to Reprofit without doing any treatment here. Dr Frank at Reprofit did my transfer and chatted about how atrocious my husband's sperm was, he was literally amazed we conceived our little girl naturally (albeit after a long time trying), as he basically said it was barely possible. My husband had testicular cancer so we've always known the terrible sperm results as they test that as part of cancer treatment. She's our little miracle and we just desperately hope we can one day give her a sibling.
Coolchic, wish you all the best with your treatment if you decide to go with it. If I were you I'd seriously consider going abroad. We didn't have an issue taking our little girl. We were whisked to a private treatment room to use as a base whilst I was wheeled out and in for egg collection etc, so nobody saw our little girl in the clinic which I was so relieved about.

ShaunTgirl Tue 13-Jun-17 06:58:50

Morning SG,
I just realised last night when checking this thread that you had posted 10 minutes before my mammoth one on Sunday night and we had definitely overlapped.
You most certainly have tested early (but can understand why just so tempting). With my first Reprofit treatment I tested at 9dp5dt which when I double checked was just early 5 and 6 days I hope are still too early. Do you think you could put tests away and hold off a few days more? Are you back at work yet?
I also have a little one (conceived when age was in my favour) and I do remember having early symptoms (sore boobs etc) but when I think about it, it was when I was a few weeks gone...not having just conceived week or 2 before. Does that make sense?
Your little girl is a true miracle. Can you remember exactly how early on when you had symptoms? I keep telling myself that being pregnant can be SO different (allegedly!) 2nd time around....& it's hard to actually remember back sometimes!
Coolchic, I completely agree with SG, if you aren't eligible for treatment in UK I would definitely recommend private treatment abroad Vs private treatment in UK. Before Reprofit (& donor eggs) we had 2 private treatments in UK using my own eggs. These were pricey & looking back had zilch chance of success re my age. I felt the clinic was very much like a shopping basket of expensive add ons.
My OTD is today ladies. I haven't been tempted yet (I know Scottishgirl that seems strange) as I have been happy in "no negative result still means some hope". I still have been having very mild cramps & pale pink when wiping so have up'd meds. I have also bought some cheapo tests as not feeling too optimistic (to waste £7.99 on Clearblue!) but not as much as a bargain as yours Scottishgirl!
Will test soon & pop into GP to double check and have bloods taken.

Scottishgirl, I know you said about your husband's atrocious sperm but how many embryos did you manage to get/implanted/frozen? Xxx

Scottishgirl85 Tue 13-Jun-17 07:20:52

You have amazing willpower!!!! I'm feeling really hopeful for you. Good luck and let us know ASAP!! 😁. Do you know if we have to get bloods to confirm?
I tested again today, not even a squinter. I just know I'm out and feeling absolutely miserable. My symptoms were very strong with my daughter to the point I barely needed to test. My boobs were agony and it was just so obvious. That was two days before my period was due. At the moment my boobs are completely soft, exactly as they go just before period. Not even a hint of sensitivity. It's my obvious sign it hasn't worked. Although I would have thought the progesterone should be making them slightly sore which is odd.
I had one hatching blastocyst grade 1 put back. Perfect embryo... Got 4 frozen. Do you know if Reprofit encourage medicated or frozen fet?? And how long I would need to wait after failed fresh?
All the very best for your testing, got everything crossed for you xxx

Scottishgirl85 Tue 13-Jun-17 07:24:24

That should have said medicated or natural fet!
Dr Frank said we were incredibly lucky to have a decent number fertilise with husband's sperm. I worry that we might not be as lucky with another fresh cycle if I work our way through the 4 frozen ones without success... I'm starting to think of the possibility of it never working, which I know is silly at this stage. Really wondering how I'm going to cope with the emotions x

ShaunTgirl Tue 13-Jun-17 12:28:58

Hi Scottishgirl,

I hesitantly pee'd in test this morning and jumped in shower with a thousand thoughts in my head. I came out and faffed about with moisturiser etc to avoid looking then did and there was definitely a faint 2nd line hmm, this was a cheapo test so after school run popped in to buy Clearblue digital and showing as 1-2 weeks pregnant smilesmile!!!
I am totally in shock as like you feeling down and sure would be BFN.
So please please don't lose hope yet. A grade 1 hatching blastocyst is amazing!!! Just stop testing & relax & give it a few more days.

With Reprofit I have had (excluding this visit) x1 fresh transfer and x2 frozen. When each attempt was 100% confirmed as being negative I just focused on getting back on waiting list to have something positive to gear towards...that really helped me.
I presume I had a medicated FET (a bit unsure what natural would mean hmm) in that I waited for 1st normal bleed to come (approx 4 weeks after failed bleed) then timed from there with intro of Progynova, scan to check womb lining and a few days before the delightful Ustrogestin pessaries. I flew out for 3 days on my own with the first FET.
BUT SG do NOT be thinking like this right are still in the game rather than thinking of the replay!!!
Just relax as much as you can and stay busy with your wee girl xxx

Scottishgirl85 Tue 13-Jun-17 12:59:51

Oh wow wow wow!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! I'm so delighted for you!! How wonderful!
I'm out, I just know it. But thank you for your encouragement to have hope. When did you get sore boobs this time? How old is your little one?
I've already emailed my coordinator asking about fet. My eyes keep welling up everytime I think about it. My husband is in US. for work this week and has no idea I have been testing. I feel miserable!
So happy for you. That really cheered me up! Here's to healthy and happy 9m for you!

ShaunTgirl Wed 14-Jun-17 06:53:46

Good morning Scottishgirl, how are you this morning?

It must be hard with your hubbie away especially with that stash of tests tempting you all the time. You are now 8 days post aren't you?

I hope more than anything you have just been testing too early and will still get that faint 2nd line in a few days time, try as best as you can to stay positive...then if it is definitely negative can focus all your attention on FET. That truly kept me sane over last 9 months.

My boobs are a bit tender and heavy when I take my bra off or moisturising but I'm big chested anyway wink so don't quite know whether I am willingly exaggerating any twinge I feel. Does that make sense?

My little (or not so little now) one is 8. I had him naturally but did have a miscarriage before him. We just let time get away and I'm now on the wrong side of 40 (but still 21 inside)!

To make you feel a bit more positive just think if this treatment is negative you have frozen embryos waiting for you. I looked back at my calendar last year and between my fresh cycle and 1st frozen transfer it was only 7 weeks. I filled that time booking flights/hotel & trying to eat healthier & do a bit of exercise. Everyday I moved a day closer to transfer (& a day further from failed fresh) I felt better. I hope this helps a little bit but remember you're not out of the game yet!!!!!

Have you had any twinges etc and still taking all your meds (including lovely pessaries?). Looking forward to hearing from you x

Scottishgirl85 Wed 14-Jun-17 18:47:12

Hi shaun, thanks so much for your support. I am indeed 8dpt now and still negative. Weird day today. I have had a lot of cramping and some painful twinges, one particularly painful one made me physically jump in a meeting today. It was a very sharp sudden pain. No boob symptoms though and wondering whether the cramping is my period trying to break through. I'm 99.9% sure I am out. I can barely find any stories online where bfn at this stage changed to bfp. Still taking the pessaries, actually quite like the lie down to be honest!
Thinking forward to a fet. I emailed my coordinator and she mentioned I could do with natural cycle with something to thicken lining if needed. Is that what you did? She mentioned that I could do it at next period (presumably the one after the one that will come now). Do you reckon that's too soon? Sounds like you did the same if it was 7 weeks apart. Did you feel your body was fully recovered? Also, what do you reckon helped it work this time?
How are you feeling? Bet it hasn't sunk in yet!! 😁 You must be on cloud 9. xx

ShaunTgirl Thu 15-Jun-17 07:40:34

Good morning Scottishgirl,

How have you been and is your husband home yet from the States?
Are you still testing daily?
I think (like me) if this treatment is definitely negative best thing to do is just focus on round 2. But the clinic didn't fully accept not worked until I had attended GP on OTD to have bloods taken to confirm zero HCG levels.
With my first fresh transfer I began heavily bleeding 10dpt with bad cramps, I still continued with meds and pessaries until blood results back. That bleed obviously was quite heavy then I just counted down to next normal bleed. This was actually pretty regular and only a few days later than expected. I then started estrofem and folic acid again and FET was arranged few weeks later. The pessaries were introduced few days before I flew and I had a womb scan also few days before to ensure lining thickening up sufficiently.
So as I said was literally 7 weeks later and that's ALL I focused on honestly. Yes I was distraught treatment hadn't worked (& I had always assumed it just would) but rather than mourn loss I just tried to gear towards next treatment and that it would work! Also we were going on big holiday day after OTD so that sort of took my mind off of it. My body fully recovered and think more it's how it causes havoc with your mind mentally rather than physically.

Also tried to stay positive about another wee holiday in Brno and that I'd get to dine at that lovely Italian restaurant down through the arches again and pick up those paintings I'd seen in little art shop window that was frustratingly closed the day before we flew home!!!

So to confirm I was put on usual Estrofem and lovely pessaries but for last 2 attempts (including this one) I was also put on low dose aspirin and low dose steroid (which I am still taking). Obviously my last FET didn't work (but then when I think about it they were my last embryos so much poorer quality if you see what I mean). We also decided to put 2 embryos back in.

I hope this helps and still praying you will get a BFP but if not honestly just focus on your frosties waiting for you in sunny Brno!!!
Looking forward to hearing from you x

Scottishgirl85 Fri 16-Jun-17 20:54:43

Thanks so much shaun, your support is greatly appreciated.
I haven't tested today and won't now until OTD on Tuesday. My gp won't do blood test for private treatment so will just do a frer, hope that will be OK.
I'm actually doing ok, still deeply saddened but the events of this week on the news have made me feel very fortunate indeed and that I really can't complain about my first round not working. Everything else in my life is wonderful so I have to be grateful.
Hubby is back now and frustratingly still has hope despite me saying I'd bet our house on it being a failed cycle I'm that sure! He's an optimist and doesn't quite get the fact that the clinic builds in a LOT of extra days before OTD.
We went to Brno as a family, think it'll just be me for the fet to save money on flights and save hubby's annual leave. You'll need to give me tips on where to go, we did all the kid things like zoo and science museum this time!
So in Reprofit you had fresh, fet, fet, fresh (this one)? And they only did extra things like steroids and aspirin after two failures? I'm wondering about asking for extra things. Also what is the preferred lining thickness? My report said mine was 7mm for this transfer, I'm wondering if that was too thin?
So you transferred two this time? Could be twins?! How are you feeling, has it sunk in?

user1471471849 Fri 16-Jun-17 23:33:43

Hi there, I hope you don't mind me joining. I'm in my 2ww after my first go of ivf. Im 41 with two kids aged 6 and 8. I'm 5dp5dt today but I know it hasn't worked. I just felt a big mood swing yesterday and today and started getting the usual cramps pains I get about a week before my period, kind of like constipation pains.
I feel a bit better now but had a major weep today and moped around all day basically doing the bare minimum. No one knows we're trying ivf or even trying for another baby so it's a weird situation to be in. We were lucky to get 8 embryos frozen though, despite my age, 3 top quality and 5 good. The one we transferred was a top grade 5 day hatching blastocyst but I really don't feel it's worked. Scottish girl, like you I'm already starting to look forward the the next frozen cycle and wondering maybe we should transfer 2 embryos this time. The clinic advised on just one as the said there was a high chance of implantation and we didn't want to take the risks of a multiple birth. So hard to know whet to do! Congrats on your bfp ShaunTgirl and best of luck for the next cycle Scottish girl!!

ShaunTgirl Mon 19-Jun-17 07:25:23

Morning Scottishgirl & hello to user147,

Well SG, it looks like I'll be joining you again in Brno in a few months time sad sad sad. I had lovely 3 and a half days of being pregnant then had phone call from GP to say my hgc levels had fallen from 133 (taken on OTD last Tuesday) to only 23 on Friday. She said to prepare myself for imminent bleed as obviously this pregnancy was non viable.
You know the hardest thing? I was in car heading for girls night out wondering how I was going to "pass" on the copious amount of cocktails without drawing any attention to myself, and now here I was having to mask how I was feeling inside. When I got in the car I was pregnant and when I got out I wasn't. When she told me it was bad news my stomach just flipped with well it was too good to be true and now I can't remember what it was like to feel so happy last week, if just for a few days.
I am still taking meds until 3rd bloods tomorrow but cramping and bleeding.
How have you been over weekend? Are you still holding out for Tuesday's OTD? Any symptoms?
I like you have been thinking about next trip to Reprofit but am not really optomistic now. I had really thought this fresh transfer of 2 would have worked.
Yes I had fresh / FET / FET (x2 transferred) and now fresh (x2 transferred). And yes only for last FET and this fresh did I have steroid and aspirin added on. Your last post did make me think if I return for another FET would I just be offered same meds and no other treatments? I have read about progesterone injections rather than pessaries / endrometrial scratch / embryo glue, anything that may boost my success. My husband suggested we just go somewhere else but time is ticking by and I am getting no younger and obviously we have frozen embryos. I think I will try to arrange a Skye consultation with Reprofit so I can ask Qs directly rather than via my UK coordinator. Sometimes being treated abroad is difficult especially for repeat visits.

Brno on your own is fine, I did it with first FET and spent relaxing 3 days at hotel with lots of shopping. It was a bit lonely at breakfast/dinner but I took some books & Sex and the City box set!!! When I return I will be going by myself also.

User147 how are you? You and I are similar ages, you did magnificently well obtaining so many good quality embryos. When is your OTD? Are you having treatment in UK? I also was told at first treatment only to transfer one embryo as such a high chance of implantation sad.

I hope both you girls are well and still holding out for a positive result, keeping fingers crossed.

user1471471849 Mon 19-Jun-17 07:53:02

I'm so sorry for you Shaunt. I know exactly how you feel. I've woken up to something similar. I took a digital clear blue test on sat and it said 1-2 weeks. Then I remembered the trigger shot was 13 days previous so there could still be hcg from that in my system but my breasts were swollen and I was beginning to feel pregnant and get optimistic. This morn I woke up and breasts loook more normal so thinking its not happening now. I don't know whether to try another test or not has it may still detect hormone levels even if they are lowering it not sure I can just wait till thurs which is my test day. This is a terrible way to live! Im worried that I carried in a heavy clothes horse tower thing and was it too much exertion. I'm having ratment in Ireland. Costs a fortune but I'll use my frozen embryos next if I have to.

How are you Scottish girl? Have you tested again? Hugs to you both.

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